Kenneth “Kenny” Seals Jr. Black Author From Mobile AL Who Didn’t Fall Victim To His Environment

Kenneth “Kenny” Seals Jr., 28, Born in Mobile, Alabama, had a passion for writing and being a positive motivation. After learning how not to compete with others, Kenny started to set trends for himself that radiated to others. Kenny has set out to provide a positive message, by sharing personal experiences, to help individuals OVERCOME different situations that they may experience.

Kenny has reached to 14,000 Copies Sold from his first Book called “Overcome”. Currently he’s getting ready to release his second upcoming book called “Overcome 2”. His motto is “Keep Working & You Will Receive Progression”.

Kenny is a Motivational Speaker, loves to pass out a good positive message to everyone who needs Inspiration, Encouragement, or Motivation. Fast Forward to now he has a new business that he’s been successful, and that’s his Menwear Styling Services. Kenneth been working his Menswear Style over the years, and now bringing the vision to reality.

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