Salon and Barbershop Conversations

Ann Williams Mobile Alabama’s First Black Female Firefighter

By Jessica Rabbit

Jessica: When did you decide to become a Fire Fighter?
Ann: 1993
Jessica: What or who inspired you to join this male dominated field?
Ann: My dearest friend Angela Young suggested we go sign up.
Jessica: How many years have you been a fire fighter now?
Ann: I’ve been working as a firefighter for 27 years.

Jessica: Was it hard in the beginning with training?
Ann: Yes!!!! Physically and academically, I would be so exhausted after running long distances and the most challenging for me were the push ups we had to do during training.
Jessica: Was it difficult working with so many men?
Ann: What makes it difficult working with so many men, I would say it’s the expectations they have of you physically in performing certain task.

Jessica: Are you Married or single?
Ann: Single
Jessica: Are you able to have a personal life?
Ann: My work schedule is very complex. After working a 24 hour shift, I go to work at the family business Mother’s Finest Convenience Store.
Jessica: Do you feel this career choice was worth everything you’ve been through to get to this point?
Ann: Yes, I feel it was all worth it.
Jessica: If you haven’t already, would you encourage your daughter or other women to become a Firefighter?
Ann: Yes, every job has it’s ups and downs but this job is perfect if you enjoy helping others.
Jessica: After 27 years is this job still challenging and exciting?
Ann: Til this very day this job is still challenging and demanding, but it feels good to accomplish the workouts that I still have to do during training with the new firefighters that come on to the job, it never gets old.

When Ann isn’t in her uniform, she loves to get all dolled up. She loves fashion and traveling when she has time.

Interview by Jessica Rabbit @cocorabbit69
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