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  • We all know that celebrities have always been the top trendsetters when it comes to hair and fashion, so why not create a page for our favorite [...]
  • Welcome to Head2Toe Magazine’s Hair, Makeup & Nail Gallery Our gallery consist of photos of some of the most talented professionals in the [...]
  • Head2Toe Magazine/Blog was created by a licensed Hairstylist/Makeup Artist/Salon owner who experienced the highs and lows of the beauty industry. This is the meeting place for industry professionals and the interested in the beauty industry like minded people. Beauty is from Head2Toe as well as inside and out.... [...]
  • Donald Wilson H2T: How long have you been a barber? Donald: I picked up the clippers in 1984. H2T: When did you first realize that you had a passion [...]
  • LaTavia Roberson wowed audiences on ABC’s “To Tell the Truth” Sunday Jan 29 ATLANTA, GA (Feb 1, 2017) — Original [...]

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  • hyst2
    We did a little digging to see what is being said about having sex after a hysterectomy because conversations between older women always seem to lead to the topic [...]
  • alonzo_herndon
    Annie Turnbo Malone You have heard of Oprah Winfrey? Sure, who hasn’t? How about Madam C.J. Walker? No brainer. I can see heads nodding up and down all over the place. [...]
  • the-carters
      This just in, Queen Bey is pregnant! Not just with another little one in the oven, but two. Twins… Beyonce confirmed her pregnancy on Instagram, noting: “We would [...]
  • hydrotherapy
    I’m pretty sure most of you have seen the barbers on social media and the creative services that they are now offering in the barbershops, and creative they are. [...]
  • Sold by Buru

    Fashion 2017


    Fashion…Where is it now? Fashion seems to have taken on a mind of its on, meaning that almost everyone considers themselves fashionable now days. It may be true in some [...]
  • http://giphy.com/search/diet-water
    It’s the beginning of a New Year and most people make New Year’s resolutions with losing weight being the top New Year’s resolution. We’ve found some [...]

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