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  •  Shakita Y. Byrd God, Family and then Hair is the key to her success and longevity in the beauty industry. Mother of four, wife, salon owner and [...]
  • Welcome to Head2Toe Magazine’s Hair, Makeup & Nail Gallery Our gallery consist of photos of some of the most talented professionals in the [...]
  • Head2Toe Magazine/Blog was created by a licensed Hairstylist/Makeup Artist/Salon owner who experienced the highs and lows of the beauty industry. This is the meeting place for industry professionals and the interested in the beauty industry like minded people. Beauty is from Head2Toe as well as inside and out.... [...]
  • We all know that celebrities have always been the top trendsetters when it comes to hair and fashion, so why not create a page for our favorite [...]

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@Regrann_App from @mikeyyyyyyy_ -  Another model from yesterday's class in texas because I like to show a variety of things @heatherj_xoxo #behindthechair #modernsalon #americansalon #womensfashion #hairbrained #undercut - #head2toemag #tightcuts @Regrann_App from @hautehandzsalon -  Daily Dose from the Hair Doktor!
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    News For Hair Loss Sufferers

    Japanese Firms Team Up To Fight Baldness With Stem Cell Cure Giant strides to prevent and cure baldness are being made in medical labs around the world. The latest [...]
  • How Is Female Hair Loss Treated

    How is female hair loss treated? Doctors may also test for levels of ferritin (a protein that indicates the amount of total body iron stores). New research suggests levels [...]
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    Getting Back To Healthy Hair

      Healthy hair isn’t achieved just by buying the best products or simply going to the best hair salons. Your diet plays a big role in having and maintaining a healthy [...]

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