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Daryl Farrell

Daryl Farrell is a licensed Master Barber with over 23 years of experience. He is the owner of Daryl Antonio’s Cuts located in Warner Robins, Ga. Daryl Antonio is a United States Army/Air Force veteran who after serving his country decided to serve others and help them feel better about themselves by enhancing their appearance. 

He attended the barbering program at Central Georgia Technical College in Macon, Ga where he later became an instructor for several years.  Afterwards, he relocated to Atlanta, GA and his journey went into a totally unexpected direction as his clientele went from being a large number of men to predominantly women occupying his chair.

There were many women looking for someone to cut, color, and do creative designs in their hair. Additionally, several women with alopecia were also in search of a skilled barber that could help them deal with that issue and help them feel beautiful.  Daryl Antonio excelled in that area. 

Through his versatile experience and impressive skill set Daryl Antonio can incorporate various techniques to craft the most beautiful hairstyles that play to each individual’s unique personality and needs. Daryl Antonio works hand in hand with each client to find a look that will enhance their looks with a haircut framed specifically to their face to elevate their confidence. He is committed to ensuring that every client leaves feeling more beautiful than when they arrived. Seeing the smiling faces of his clients and sometimes the happy tears that are shed make it all worth it.

Contact Information:
Phone: 478-951-5163 
Email: darylantonio1269@gmail.com
Booking: Thebaddestbarber.as.me

Skyy Wonders


Skyy Wonders is an awe-inspiring photographer in the photography industry! She graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a B.A. in Liberal Studies. After college, she decided to make Atlanta, GA her home. Continuing her education, she attended Bauder College where she received her degree in Fashion Merchandising. Her knack for fashion and styling has garnered her opportunities to work on movie, television, and photo shoot sets. She then realized how her eye for fashion helped her gain a unique gift in photography where she was able to catch the most authentic moments of her subjects. She aims to capture that pose, that look, that move…that special moment!

What started out 15 years ago as hobby, photography has become her passion and profession. Skyy specializes in fashion, beauty, portrait, event, and lifestyle photography. She believes that you should capture “Your Moment Beyond The Skyy!”

website:  skyywphotography.com

Cher’Don Reynolds

Cher’Don Reynolds is a dynamic entrepreneur, community leader, and trailblazer for women in business. A Chicago native who grew up in the Cabrini Green housing projects before moving to Atlanta to attend college, Cher’Don knows first-hand the struggles faced by those in underprivileged communities and understands the importance of overcoming adversity and persevering in the face of challenges. She has dedicated her life’s work to empowering other women and helping them achieve success through their businesses, using the power of promotional products to increase revenue and build wealth.

As the SheEO of SHE PRINTS IT LLC, a fiercely female branding and promotional products company, Cher’Don is committed to supporting small businesses by helping them stay top-of-mind with their target market while maintaining their unique appeal. Her work has been recognized by several organizations and outlets, including the Community Leader award from Buy From a Black Woman foundation and the 2022 Access Taken Award from Classy Living Society, LLC. She Prints It has had the opportunity to provide promotional products for top corporate entities such IHG, Southern Company and Morehouse school of medicine to name a few.  Her company has been featured in Sheen, PPAI Media, Voyage ATL, and many other publications. She has shared her story, business tips, and more as a speaker on the main stage of several conferences with the goal of inspiring women of all ages and backgrounds to believe in themselves and their brands. Additionally, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, she established the My Sister’s Keeper Grant to financially empower women-owned start-ups and small businesses.

Beyond her professional achievements, Cher’Don is also a devoted mother and wife who is deeply committed to creating a better world for her family and future generations. She truly lives by her creed that “There’s room at the top for everyone, let’s fill it up!” With her unwavering determination and entrepreneurial spirit, she is a shining example of the power of perseverance and the impact one person can have on their community
Cher’Don Russom-ReynoldsPresident/SheEOShe Prints It, LLC
Phone: 844.777.5900 ext. 1
Email: cherdon.reynolds@sheprintsit.com
Office Hours:
Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm   
10 Wilson Rd, Ste. 200
Stockbridge GA 30281

Dr. Clive Fowler

PhD, Philosophy, Christian Leadership and Business

Dr. Clive Fowler is the CEO of EasyCare2go™ an innovative direct-to-consumer virtual healthcare mobile app that helps members easily navigate and maximize healthcare services. Members can Identify qualified physicians, access labs, compare prescriptions, and talk to a mental/behavioral health counselor with ease.
Under his leadership the parent company TelahealthConsultants.com™ and its affiliate partners have become one of the fastest-growing virtual healthcare benefits providers for employer groups nationally. They have recently launched EazyCare2go.com a retail provider that offers stand-alone virtual healthcare direct-to-consumers without the need for a health insurance plan to participate. The purpose of EasyCare2go™ is to help relieve stress from our current healthcare system, by helping members to manage non-emergent needs virtually or with direct clinic access. This can reduce health insurance costs and reduce claims because members only use insurance when hospitalization is required. Marginalized groups who have inadequate insurance or no insurance which includes our migrant communities can also qualify.
Dr. Fowler is a corporate development adviser, with clients in the United States, Europe, the Caribbean, and Central / South American markets.

He is a former radio host, and the current host of the popular podcast ” Meaningful Conversations with Dr. Clive Fowler coming to Spotify, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Android. It is an interactive talk show experience that deals with critical life issues, and current events and teaches individuals and companies how virtual healthcare can empower them to take proactive preventative options in protecting the health, life, and wealth of their families and members.
These ventures reflect his passion to give back and encourage people to make better decisions. These past and present opportunities allow him to touch on many important topics with the main objective of education and community empowerment.

Throughout his 30+ years of servant leadership, Dr. Fowler has served and helped to educate individuals, families, companies, associations, unions, non-profits, school districts, and houses of worship, while saving millions of dollars in benefits for employees and members. Serving both the domestic and international markets has culturally enriched him to understand the demands of society, and the needs of individuals. His serve-first approach is evident in the gratitude expressed by numerous entities and individuals he has assisted and empowered.
Dr. Fowler can be reached at cfowler@easycare2go.com

Corey Critell

I grew up as an overweight child who was constantly picked on for being a little nerdy and un-athletic. In 6th grade, I was cut from my middle school football team and was told by my coach I would never be big enough, strong enough or fast enough to play football at any level.

Little did I know that conversation would turn into a lifelong pursuit to become the best version of myself in every aspect of my life, especially fitness and athletics. The next day I decided it was time for a change and created an at-home exercise routine that I did every single night before bed which ultimately led to my flabs turning to abs all by nothing but discipline and commitment.

By 9th grade, I was playing on the varsity football team, by 11th grade had won the 110% award for work ethic and by senior year, I was a Division 1 prospect for football and track and field at nearly any college I wanted to go to. Needless to say, Corey Critell was no longer that 6th grader with low self-esteem, I was now becoming who I would be for the rest of my life. I won my pro card in bodybuilding by 23 and started my own personal training business by 25.

Simply put, what I understood was that if I could do it, then anybody can do it! Not just that but I needed to figure out a way to put myself in a position to help people do just that. When I was 21 years old, I dropped out of college after junior year and told myself I would own a gym one day. Had no idea how I was going to make that happen but I knew that if I was going to bet on anybody controlling the success of my life, then I wanted to bet on myself and nobody else.

By the time I was 30 years old, that dream finally became a reality with PHIT! There have been many ups and downs along the way to include losing a 7 figure personal training business to COVID last year. Life will always give us adversity and that we can not control but the difference between those people that make it and those that don’t is what you do with the things you can control when faced with adversity. I very easily could’ve gave up at any point since the beginning of this process but giving up has never been by nature. Giving up is easy but what happens when giving up is not an option. For me, I would never want to be on my death bed and look back at my life to think, “Damn, if I would’ve worked just a little bit harder, then I could’ve accomplished…”

On the surface, we look like just another fitness center but if you look a little further, you’ll find that PHIT is here to transform as many lives as we can. Fitness changed my life forever and I would love nothing more than to help everyone else do the same thing!

I don’t think any business venture is a smooth road, if so it is far and few between. One of the biggest struggles I’ve had to overcome was being separated from my daughter. With my training business, I had contracts with several gyms across the southeast and at times would have to move to work the business Monday-Friday. I drove back nearly every weekend to spend the weekends with her but the time I missed being involved in school or other activities Monday-Friday I can not get back. The goal was always to grow that business large enough to have the funds for my own facility, which we have now accomplished but it did not come without sacrifice.

The second biggest struggle would definitely be the COVID pandemic. When gyms were shut down last year, my personal training business, 180 Training, came to a screeching halt. I fought as best as I could to stay afloat with several things, from PPP funding to trying a transition to online training for my staff of 25-30 trainers but was not able to make it through.

Fortunately, I was able to close on a Small Business Loan for our fitness center a week prior to the breakout of COVID news but plans for that facility were much different than what we were actually able to create. Some people call that luck, I call that God. Instead of sitting back and accepting failure, I spent my time focusing on how to better equip my new venture, to withstand adversity. That is what actually inspired the idea for PHIT. Our initial idea was to open a fitness center called 180 Fitness and operate like everyone else. After watching what happened to all the other fitness centers last year due to circumstances outside their control, I knew we needed to open a facility that was different than what anybody else has ever done, so I decided to focus on that and things I could control rather than what I couldn’t.

Yes, PHIT is a gym but it’s so much more than that. PHIT is a brand. PHIT is the only company in the industry that is here to assist in every avenue of fitness, from Personal Training to meal prep to supplements to apparel, etc. We are the only facility that you can go to, to get all of your fitness needs.

The way I see it is if our customer trusts PHIT to help them with one thing, there is no reason why we can’t help them with all their fitness needs. We are a one-stop shop for all things fitness. If another situation happens outside our control, our facility may close but we will still be able to assist with every other avenue of fitness to make sure people don’t put their health on the back burner, especially when poor health is a big cause for the reason we are in the situation we are in in the first place! In summary, there will always be things happen that we can not control but the key is to do the best with what you can control and trust God that all things will work out in his favor. What’s meant to be will be but it’s up to you to control the path so you end up at your desired destination.

PHIT stands for Prioritizing Health and Inspiring Transformation. Our facility is here to be a one-stop-shop for all your fitness needs. If you need a place to exercise, you won’t find a better atmosphere. If you need guidance with your workouts, we offer unlimited personal training. If you need assistance with your diet, we make food for you. If you need products you can trust, our supplements are products I stand by. If you want to stay up to date on fashionable fitness apparel, we got your swag too!

What matters most to the PHITPHAM and myself is to make sure every one of our customers gets a great experience every time. When you walk into our facility or purchase any of our products or services, we simply want to improve your quality of life in every aspect. When you walk in our facility, we will great you by your first name and will make sure you have all the help you need to live a happy, healthy life.

Website: www.livphit.net
Instagram: @phitgym
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LivPHIT/

Lyric Elise

Lyric Elise has over 10 years’ experience as a Master Cosmetologist and Hair Growth Specialist. Early in her career, Lyric studied Trichology because of the struggles women had in her family with hair loss. She wanted to learn all she could about causes, prevention and treatment to help everyone around her who suffered in silence. This journey led Lyric to becoming the educational director for a hair growth company and traveling the US to teach other stylists about the tricks of the trade in extension techniques and hair loss.

As a stylist, Lyric began to understand that women suffering from hair loss needed additional support in overcoming their lack of self-worth and self-esteem. Lyric’s passion for inspiring and motivating women and men through beauty she decided to become a licensed Life and Confidence Coach.

Specializing in hair growth with a bachelor’s degree in Business. Lyric Elise combines her gifts and talents, practical work experience, and spiritual gift of teaching to encourage others to Live -Out -Loud With Confidence and Purpose! A purposeful combination of coaching services, hair vendor, and a successful salon, Lyric earned her place as a Master Licensed Cosmetologist and carved her illuminating journey through the beauty industry.

One of her most memorable projects was when she was hired as a lead Hair Stylist for Iyania “Fix My Life” with the Pace Sisters in 2013. Her insight about the tools and tricks of the hair loss and hair growth platform led her to another achievement in this plateau by getting featured on Fox 5 News as “The Hair Detective” through helping her customers with hair loss and focusing on the solutions.

Today Lyric is a successful author of “More Than Hair Deep.” She educates her readers about the causes, solutions, tips and tricks on hair loss and provides a deep knowledgeable insight to ease her customer’s struggles.

Instagram: @elitebeautymaster

Lamar Ladd

Born and raised in Mobile, Alabama, Danny Lamarr grew up in a loving, God-fearing home. It was in the small suburb of Saraland where his parents instilled goals to exceed expectations both in and out of the classroom. By following their advice and capitalizing on his competitive nature on the basketball court, he received a full athletic scholarship to Langston University, where he exceled on the court and also earned his Bachelor’s degree in Business Management with a minor in Marketing. 

After college Lamarr started a career in the Healthcare industry as a Consultant and Project Manager where he helped build and implement new computer software in hospitals all across the country.

After being told by several friends and family that he should look into the modeling industry, Lamarr gave it some thought but didn’t pursue. But after his mother and family friend Dana Marie, who worked as a professional model in New York and Atlanta, strongly suggested, Lamarr started his journey into the modeling and later Acting Industry. Since then he has graced several runways modeling well known designers, booked several nationally televised commercials, Reality Shows, and Movies from corporate brands such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, Toyota, Smirnoff, and was featured as “Mr. 1950’s” in the reality show Making Mr. Right that aired on VH1, and was also a featured guest on the Steve Harvey talk show. His face was even plastered on a Burger King bus wrap that toured the nation for a basketball promotional. Since then he has focused more into the acting industry and has played roles such as a: cameraman on the Nicholas Cage film Rage, the husband of Robin Givenscharacter in the series THE REVOLUTION that aired on ROKU, he has also been the lead actor in multiple episodes of Fatal Attraction and ATL Homicide that air on TVONE and more.

Lamarr continually studies the craft and auditions weekly to book new roles and currently played the Role of “Tim” in a feature film called “HUNTHER” that will be out on prime video September 2022 and he just wrapped another feature film “DGK” where he plays the role of “Todd Sellers” and this movie is set to be released 2023.


IG – @Lamarr_Ladd_Official

(New page) Tiktok – @LamarrLadd 

Facebook- @ActorLamarrLadd

Denise “Stella” Matthews

Life & Accountability Coach
Wellness Natural Bodybuilding Athlete

I am from a little city outside Mobile, Alabama, called Prichard. I graduated from CF Vigor High School, and upon graduation, I joined the US Army. I have been an employee of the Veteran Health
Administration since October 2012.

After high school, life seemed to come at me extremely fast. I made several mistakes, but with every fall, I could get back up. Through all the struggles in my life, fitness has always been my safe space. I would run in the morning before work and on my lunch break. When I ran, I envisioned being free from all my problems. It was my time to build a solid spiritual relationship with God and praise him for everything he had blessed me with.

So how did I end up here in the world of bodybuilding? I tried bodybuilding about 13 years ago
and was told after over six months of training that my body would not fit into any category. Fast forward to June 2021. My coach, Genae Banks, asked if I wanted to try bodybuilding. My reply was no. I remembered what I was told years ago, and my body shape was clearly the same. She said perhaps you should think about it and let me know. After processing the thoughts and remembering what I was told 13 years ago, I decided to try it. I thought about all the women who look at their bodies and feel
ashamed. I wanted to change the narrative that you do not have to be perfect to pursue your goals.

The Road to the Stage

The road to the stage was my life’s most challenging five months. Competition prep took over
every aspect of my life. I had to make decisions about engagements and social events. My diet was
stringent, and casually eating out was not on the plan. The program shocked my body, causing
moodiness and irritability. I spent days alone because I was exhausted or could not enjoy what everyone was having. It was brutal. However, it required me to be disciplined and consistent each day.
Life has a fascinating way of taking us down paths that do not give us a clear vision.

We blindly trust the plan that will lead us to our purpose. In my purpose of helping others, this process taught me how to remain focused and disciplined. When I stepped on the stage, I showed up for myself and other women who had doubts and insecurities about themselves. The purpose is to lead and show others that they are enough.


Keisa Stewart-Rucker

Keisa Stewart-Rucker-Atlanta, GA, originally from Mobile AL, has been a licensed cosmetologist for over 20 years. After nearly 20 years in the beauty business Keisa decided to retire from behind the chair to utilize her Bachelors degree in Marketing. After working in corporate America for a few years Keisa knew without a doubt that corporate America was not her calling. Today, Keisa is working as a self-employed social media manager and branding consultant.

Publisher of Head2Toe Magazine and Entertainment @head2toemag

Head2Toe Magazine and Entertainment LLC is an online beauty and entertainment magazine. The goal is for Head2Toe to be the go-to site for the latest trends in the beauty industry. I’m striving to have beauty professionals listed in the directory from every state in the US. It will soon be a place for people to find their next beauty industry professional when they are looking to be serviced. When people move, one of the first things that they look for is a new hairstylist, barber and nail technician and I want my website to be the place where they can find good professional industry people.


Somanetha Moulate

Somanetha Moulate

Somanetha Moulate is a Haitian-American entrepreneur located in Atlanta, GA and owner of HX Professional. Committed to personal empowerment, health and wellness, Somanetha strongly believes that makeup is one of the most impactful ways to express yourself and bring out the inner confidence in people.

With a psychology background and bachelor’s degree in counseling, Somanetha’s passion to touch people from the inside out sparked the desire to change how women felt through makeup. For over 8 years Somanetha has been active in her local community and internationally within ministry, missions and family counseling.

Involved in several charitable efforts and volunteerism she always looks for ways to inspire others. Her love for artistic creativity and desire to connect with people led to the launch of several brands in the beauty industry.

As a young girl challenged with the ideas of what popular culture defined as beauty; she began a journey to find herself and her own sense beauty. Somanetha learned make up was not needed to create beauty but a tool that could help someone see themselves and their uniqueness, from the inside out.

Somanetha is currently working in the Atlanta production industry to create memorable looks for commercial brands, photographers, designers and models.

After her experience in embracing her own self discovery, she wanted to take part in the journey of others; so Somanetha recently released a new cosmetic lip line called MOULATE 6 – by HX PRO.


Charisse Floyd

Charisse Floyd,  born in California has a unique story outlining her introduction to the entrepreneurial world. As a young girl, she didn’t dream of owning her own business. It was the family and friends who surrounded around her that saw her  gifts and talents and pushed her to launch her businesses.
As she stepped into the arena of business ownership, she found her voice and inner calling. As an entrepreneur with a psychology background she creates ways to use her platform to ignite passion and encourage others.

Charisse is owner of GTC Custom Designs. GTC Custom designs is a T-shirt company is a Premium Brand offering Quality Results and A1 Service. 
Charisse is also the creator of Pretty Purse Party. PPP is a platform that hosts a weekly virtual show. PPP is home to many women all over the country that gather to laugh, pray and encourage one another all while shopping for quality designer inspired handbags, amazing accessories, and professional cosmetics.

Charisse believes that providing quality service and extraordinary customer service are beneficial to running a great business. 


Elijah Lamar

Elijah Lamar (born Elijahawon Lamar Perrin; February 23, 1989) is a Rising Star who is also known as Young Smurf, he was born and raised in the Hall of Fame City, Canton, Ohio.

Having dreamed of becoming a Musician/Actor at an early age, he has been highlighted in the local newspaper (The Repository) and had several write-ups/articles for his Artistry, Acting, and recently his Activism in his community against police brutality using his platform. Steadily building his name, experience and knowledge, Elijah is making progress with his leadership and has become a well-known Public Figure in his community.

Elijah is no stranger to the stage, in front of a camera, or speaking to large groups of people, and leading them through peaceful protest. Quickly gaining respect amongst his peers he has become one of the most visible spokesperson and leader in the Canton Ohio Protest movement as the President of the “Unity Coalition of Canton”.

Elijah is spreading his message through nonviolence, strength and peace, inspired by his personal beliefs on violence against violence will only bring more violence.

Elijah is a Activist who is following the rules of the peace movement, which is a social movement that seeks to achieve ideals such as the ending or minimizing inter-human violence, police brutality, injustice, racial inequality, historic oppression, inequality of inheritance, or overall prejudice, especially against minority groups.

His biggest concern is the challenge of attaining peace when those that oppose it often use violence as their means of communication and empowerment.

How To Reach Elijah Lamar:
Google Platform: https://g.co/kgs/6g12xi

LaKeshia Debose

Lakeshia’s creative eye and love for fashion developed at a young age. She was the friend that friends came to for styling advice, she was also always that friend that would always gift her friends with clothes and show them how to interchange any outfit.

The same confidence, boldness and creativity resonates with her to this day. Lakeshia is a full time flight attendant that has always had a passion for fashion. Whenever she’s having a rough day, a trip to the mall or a boutique always makes her feel better, even if it’s browsing looks online. When the pandemic first hit the aviation industry offered time off. Lakeshia took that time off and turned it into an opportunity to start a new venture as an Online Boutique Owner.

Exquisite Pieces Boutique exemplifies all of Lakeshia’s characteristics. From her generosity to her original style, Lakeshia offers her clients their own personal exquisite experience. She believes everyone deserves to be fashionable without expensive price tags. While most boutiques are concerned with profits and high-markups, at Exquisite Boutique, Kesha offers some of the same items at much more affordable prices.   Lakeshia would have never imagined she would be a boutique owner, but she is extremely thankful that God is allowing her to follow and live out her dreams.

Entrepreneurship runs in her blood and she’s inspired everyday by the spirit of her mother who is a Business Owner as well. Her mother set the foundation for structured finances, taking care of her responsibilities and she also taught her how to persevere, set goals, attain goals and reach for the top.


Megan “MeMe” Kelly

Megan “Meme” Kelly a licensed cosmetologist, recent graduate of the beauty instructors program from THE COSMETOLOGY INSTITUTE and 2021 recipient of the WOMEN MEANS BUSINESS BEST IN HAIR AND BEAUTY AWARD. My cosmetology journey begun nearly 10years ago when I knew I wanted to help women in a way that not only revitalized their looked, but also made a positive impact on their inner feelings of self-worth and self- esteem.

A year after earning my cosmetology license in 2013, I fully branded myself as a specialist in natural hair and healthy hair care of all hair types. I mastered techniques that allowed me to protect the curl patterns of African American women.

In addition to being a brand owner and advocate of natural healthy hair, I created a product line, “Silk Me,” a unisex hydrating system that promotes healthy hair and manageability of your mane. The Silk Me product line works adequately on all hair types.

Over the years, I began to see the need for hair care for kids. I decided to decrease my service menu where I can service kids, promote healthy hair care and silk press. After careful observation and countless conversations with parents and guardians about moisture, hair repair, detangling, growth, softness, etc, SILK ME KIDS hair care products was developed and launched in the Fall of 2017. This line was the answer to all those concerns. It has altered the minds of many parents to understand that someone cares for their child(s) hair just as much as they do.

In February 2018, I opened up the first kid’s salon and spa in the New Orleans area that catered to all ethnicities. Silk Me Kids Salon and Spa is the next level experience for the youth. Servicing 16 years and under, we provide an atmosphere of uplifting, empowerment and positivity.  We have had many events, social media contests, and several in-salon activities that has helped stimulate the mind and cater to the advancement of our youth. This salon and spa offers an array of beauty services that will meet any need. 

In March 2019, the Silk Me Kids brand debuted at the Bronner Bros hair show. This was an amazing opportunity for us to bring something different to the show. Our jaw dropping CANDYLAND booth display, is still the talk in the industry. For the show, we launched an all natural hair and skin care product line for babies called Silk Me Gentle Baby.

These products are 100% formulated with a blend of natural ingredients that provide the right amount of moisture, softness, and gentleness for all hair and skin types. My urge to satisfy the needs of new moms and mothers of infant babies have surpassed the norm and are very impressive. 

In February 2020, we introduced the SILK ME KIDS natural remedies collection, all natural, hand made hair treatments.This collection consist of a mixture of essential oils and creams that have been carefully hand crafted to deep intense hair treatments to solve hair issues that many are experiencing.

In August 2020, we evolved and developed our own app. SILK ME KIDS APP is an innovative measure to build up an amazing community and make sure you are included. This new age of technology gives you every you need involving SILK ME KIDS at your fingertips. The app consist of online shopping, appointment book, curly cuties community chat group, games, hair quiz for product recommendation and regimens, and much more.

In September 2020, we took another step further and launched the SILK ME TEENS LINE. 

SILK ME TEENS HAIR PRODUCTS were created for 13-17 year olds that have a love for healthier, stronger, and more manageable hair. This line of products provides extreme versatility. It’s composed of silkening elements for the perfect silk press and the right amount of essential oils and softeners for those natural curls to feel soft and moisturized.

The Silk Me Kids brand has many layers that we enjoy putting out for the world to see. We provide fun opportunities for kids to evolve, build self confidence, and enjoy their natural tresses. Along with that, we showcase kids on billboards, branding campaigns, advertisements and more.

Social Media:




Miranda Moy

Miranda Moy

Detroit’s own Miranda Moy is a master cosmetologist who pivoted her hair salon business into award winning natural hair care products. She is infatuated with studying the key ingredients to stimulate hair growth. The Essentials are composed of high quality, PARABEN FREE hair products that will give your hair shine, softness, manageability, and LIFE without the harsh preservatives. Moy Hair Essentials was created for all people with the PURPOSE to better produce the overall health of natural hair, The Natural Way! Her love for inner beauty and naturally healthy tresses helped to birth her hair care line.



Ivory Shields

 Ivory Shields is an occupational therapist, inspirational speaker, transformation & holistic coach, and actress.  She holds a Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy from the UAB and has been a licensed therapist for 14 years. 

A survivor of childhood sexual trauma, Ivory has helped thousands transform negative thinking patterns into positive ones allowing them to tap into their gift or “super power” and live joyfully in their purpose.  She does this by teaching practical & client centered tools to help manage the mental and energetic blocks that are a result of childhood and relationship trauma, in order to discover where their true happiness and purpose resides. 

Ivory has been a featured speaker on multiple podcasts for topics such as meditation & mindfulness and subconscious reprogramming.  Ivory is a huge advocate for using the arts as a healing modality.  She encourages everyone to stay in an “imaginative state” in order to find purpose and peace in life.  

Ivory is the founder and host of SoulAudacity, a podcast & media platform, where she interviews celebrities and entrepreneurs who share how they turned their trauma into triumph to fuel their purpose.  Some of her featured guests include Mrs. Perrione Roberts and Dorian the Music Entrepreneur.  She is an active board member of Black Men & Women of Valor.  

Ivory has facilitated countless mindset mastery workshops for corporate employees, actors, and kids.  

IG @IamIvoryShields

Greg Gilmore

A native of Cleveland, Ohio Greg Gilmore has spent more than 18 years mastering the art of hair. He has evolved into a unique, talented and comprehensive hair master. At the age of 15, Greg began assisting local Cleveland stylist with shampooing in order to be ahead of his peers. He graduated from cosmetology school in 2004.

Greg’s has spent countless hours focusing on the art of hair cutting and coloring by studying his art with world renown Paul Mitchell , L’Oréal and Vidal Sassoon Academies studying abroad in London, Toronto, NYC, and Los Angeles acquiring 8 diplomas in advance coloring with a concentration in Blondes, cutting, and Educating, which has made him one of L.A.’s top hair cutting and coloring experts for Textured hair. Mr. Gilmore has also engaged in further studies including education in Public Speaking, Social Psychology, Psychology of Well Being, and Metaphysics.

Greg Gilmore was named one of Cleveland’s top 50 stylist by Blow Magazine in 2008 and 2009. He was a featured platform artist at the 2011 Spectrum Beauty Expo in Los Angeles and in 2016 Bronner Brothers International Hair Expo, and also platform artistry on stage at Premier Orlando International Hair Expo in 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Greg has also styled local NBC, FOX,and CBS television personnel. In addition to styling his current clientele, he was a National Educator for Design Essentials representing the company nationwide and also held the title for Educator of the Year in 2017, 2018 and 2019. Currently Greg is a National Brand Ambassador for Matrix Professional haircolor Brand. 

The extensive resume of Greg Gilmore speaks volume having styled the likes of Vivica Fox, Toni Braxton, Nicole Ari Parker, Tami Roman, Tiffany Haddish, Storm Reid , and many others. He is also an award show guru on short hair styling for the ultimate red carpet look including the Meta Gala 2021 and the Instyle Awards 2021. 

Clients say he is an excellent conversationalist in addition to his hair styling abilities. He prides himself on having the ability to touch lives in a positive way.

Greg’s motto: Progress toward a better tomorrow one head at a time.

Greg is currently not accepting new clients at this time.

Candice Renee

Candice has been a hairstylist and in love with the beauty industry for over 19 years. Candice specializes in short hair cuts and styling. Short hair was the first technique she learned and used to style her own hair at 16 years old.  She perfected her craft by often practicing on herself, family and close friends. 

Candice has always had a passion for the beauty industry from hair, fashion, nails, art, fashion and hair shows. She’s originally from St. Louis, Missouri but relocated to Houston, Texas in 2017 with her family, to get a new fresh start on life.

In 2020, Candice opened her own Salon, The Hair Odyssey. That is steadily growing and thriving!

Candice had this to say:

“Everything I once prayed for God has and is allowing to be a reality. I’ve been featured on some of my favorite hair blogs, done fashion shows, featured in magazine articles, listed in Houston’s Top 20 black owned businesses, serviced celebrity and VIP clients, and my clientele is in an overflow. ( might I add in 2017, I had 0 clients. I had to build my client base from the ground).  The love and support, I receive from my family, friends and clients is unmatched.  In the past year, I have also launched an amazing Candle line called, The Candle Odyssey.”

I am a Dream Chaser, so there is more to come!

Salon Address :
The Hair Odyssey Salon
11693 Westhiemer Rd. #116
Houston, TX. 77077
Phone: (314)412-9249
Email : thehairodysseysalon@yahoo.com
Website: https://www.the-hairodyssey.com
IG: @my_fair_hairlady

Nina Hall-Curtis

I was born and raised in Washington D.C. and there is where I began honing my skills as a hairstylist at the age of 16 years old. Shortly after graduating high school, I had the opportunity to attend the renowned Bennett Hair School. Now, as an in-demand hair stylist for over the last 20+ years, I’ve acquired a client list of over 1,000 women and men, I have rendered over 10,000 services, been rebooked 90% of the time, and average two new clients per week.

In addition to being a best-selling Author, I have received many industry awards: Golden Scissors Colorist of the Year, New Salon of the Year, and Salon Stage Presentation, just to name a few – no matter the accolades I have garnered I still remain humble. I do what I do for a living because I love helping women and men like you, look and feel your most confident and badass self.

I believe my funky meticulous razor cuts with flamin’ spikes, breathtaking premium hair-weaves, bold play with the color wheel, traditional roller sets and love for the craft sets me apart from the rest in this business! A Style by NinaSkye is EDGY, ROCKER, REBELLIOUS, and FORWARD THINKING! 

My innate ability to think outside the box has landed me the opportunity to showcase my talents in numerous award winning salons, on stages and in National Magazines, but more importantly I’m here to help give you the best style you can imagine. 

 Nina Hall-Curtis
Business Development
Strategist / Stylist
 2603 Housely Road Annapolis MD 21401 Suite 212
P(301) 536-8560 | Eninaskye@hairchroniclesstudio.com

Kenneth “Kenny” Seals

Kenneth “Kenny” Seals Jr., 28
Born in Mobile, Alabama, had a passion for writing and being a positive motivation. After learning how not to compete with others, Kenny started to set trends for himself that radiated to others. Kenny has set out to provide a positive message, by sharing personal experiences, to help individuals OVERCOME different situations that they may experience. 

Kenny has reached to 13,000 Copies Sold from his first Book called “Overcome”. Currently he’s getting ready to release his second upcoming book called “Overcome 2”. His motto is “Keep Working & You Will Receive Progression”. Kenny is a Motivational Speaker, loves to pass out a good positive message to everyone who needs Inspiration, Encouragement, or Motivation. Fast Forward to now he has a new business that he’s been successful, and that’s his Menswear Styling Services. Kenneth been working his Menswear Style over the years, and now bringing the vision to reality.

Follow Kenny on Instagram @ksealsoc

Jessica Jackson

Jessica Jackson known mostly by Jess or Bodied by Jess. Jessica has been a nail tech for 8 years and specializes in flawless applications as well as gel manicures. A lover of nails.  Jessica is located in Laplace, Louisiana at the Bodied Studio. They offer nail services as well as pedicures services. 

Charis H.

Charis H. is a licensed cosmetologist and owner of Charis Hair Studio, a upscale salon suite located in Farmington Hills, Michigan where she specializes in all phases of haircare, cut, color, and style. Charis is known for her short modern hair cuts and detailed hair styling that is always cutting-edge and on trend. Charis believes in continuing education to grow as a hairstylist and develop new skills to master her craft and take her guest to the next level.

Charis H.


Stormy Stylez

Stormy Stylez

Master Of Natural Installs and Educator is the owner at Pink and Natural Hair Co. where she offers a variety of hair extension sales such as I-Tips, Bundles, Tape-Ins and Wigs. She specializes in advanced hair extension install techniques such as, Microlink: I-Tips, Braidless Sew-Ins, Hidden Beads, Threadless, as well as Traditional Sew-Ins, Tape-Ins and Custom Wigs. Stormy sources the highest quality Raw and Virgin hair extensions from across the world. She believes that your hair is not an expense, but an investment into your self care and love. I want every client to love their hair with or without extensions.



Tampa, Fla. – KokoDaBarber, owner of Shear Utopia Unisex Salon, is off to a busy 2021, as many women feel the urge to make changes in their lives.  For her clients, that means drastically altering their hairstyles.  With such a challenging year with the pandemic, people are looking for some type of pick me up; and a new look is a great, quick fix.  Koko is proud of the experience she’s curated and understands that what she offers is much more than just a haircut.  

With a following of more than 20,000 on social media, Koko has grown a large fan base who love her and her work. She specializes in natural hair care and is changing lives with her “big chop” transformations.  The “big chop” is a widely known term in the African-American community, used to describe a drastic hair cut for women.  Koko is a proven pro but says it’s not just about the hair.  “My clients walk in with various issues and desires.  I want to at least temporarily relieve them of any stress and make them feel like they can take on the world.  And looking good does that! It literally gives you a new attitude,” says Koko.  

Last year was quite a challenge for most people.  Some things people can control, but most things they can’t.  Hair is one of the variables that can be maintained, even during this pandemic.  Koko practices extreme precaution when her clients come in, often only having one client in at a time.  She is doing all that she can to ensure that she can continue to put a smile on women’s faces, lift their spirits, and empower them to be amazing.  “It’s my greatest joy to know that what I do goes deeper than the hairstyle, it’s self-care and rejuvenation for most,” says KokoDaBarber.  

Shear Utopia
6102 E Adamo
Tampa, FL 33619
Instagram: @kokodabarber
Website: http://www.kokodabarber.com

Cashe Royal

Sprinkling a dash of glitter, luxury and anything couture, Cashe Royal is no stranger to what is trending in today’s fashion industry. Cashe is the heart of fashion and style. Making her name known in the city of Atlanta, Cashe shares a network in another city that is too on trend, her hometown Miami, Florida. Cashe is an all-around fashion guru with a vast amount of hands
on experience in and out of the industry. Growing up with a religious background, Cashe prides herself on being open and honest when doing business and styling.

She entered the styling world after being introduced to the camera through dance. Having extensive training in dance at adance school in Miami, Cashe found it no threat to throwing her talent into the ring to appear in the background and model in multiple HipHop and R&B videos such as, No Limit’s Cash Money, P.Diddy and more. These opportunities afforded her the chances to create behind the camera by styling numerous productions, plays and fashion shows.

Cashe has experience in styling throughout the entertainment business. To where her presence is needed with various fashion publications around the world. Currently she is the Brand Ambassador for RW Hair Shop and Diamond Kisses lipstick Company and graced numerous panels speaking on her industry. In 2018 she was appointed Creative
Director/Fashion Stylist for Empower Magazine.

Cashe Royal is set to appear on the first season as a main cast member of “Fashionaires of Atlanta”. “Her Brand and Her Vision!!!” Cashe welcomes the cameras to come get a glimpse of her personal and business day to day and her philanthropic side, which she passionately holds near and dear to her heart.

You can continue to keep up with Cashe Royal by visiting http://www.casheroyal.com and signing up to receive her latest
Client List

White Rose , Short Film – Porsha Ferguson, Have and Have Nots- Dreezy, Recording Artist – RichieRe, Recording Artitst – Young Ugi, Recording Artist – Christal Jordan , Rolling Out Host – Kelsey Nycole, Reality Star/ Recording Artist – Will Wes , Recording Artist -SD, Recording Artist – Brya Woods, Recording Artist – Syleena Johnson , Sister Circle TV – Rashan Ali , Sister Circle TV – Trina Braxton , Sister Circle TV – Ms. Quad , Sister Circle TV – Stevie Baggs Jr, NFL Player/Reality Star – Natalie Nunn, Reality Star/Bad Girls Club – Shupier Jones, Actress/Author, OOOG Brand, Clothing Company – Shay Johnson, Reality Star/LHHATL, Flavor of Love, LHHMIA – Natalie LaRose’, Platinum Artist – Johnnie Blaze, Reality Star/Recording Artist – BBOD, Reality Star
Group/Recording Artists -Pretty Ricky, Platinum Recording Artist – Natalie Nunn, Bad Girls Club – Alexis Sky, Reality Star/LHHH – Taylor Girls, RCA Recording Artist – Dutchess, Reality Star/Black Ink Crew – Chella H, Rap Artist – International Nova , Rap Artist – Barbie, Caribbean Artist – Steph Lecor, Artist – 2Months till March , Pop Group – DQ4E, Instagram Celebrity – Nia Kay, Rap Game Season 2 – Plateau Magazine – Empeccable Magazine – Flava Magazine – Hustle and Soul Magazine – Empower Magazine – FAME Magazine – Supa Cindy, 99 Jams Miami – Sylvia Mollie , Clothing Company – Cupcake Mafia Boutique, Clothing Company – Kennedi Kouture, Clothing Company – Status Plus, Clothing Company – Mas Aparel , Clothing Company


Ashley Loveless Cunningham

When thinking of luxury perfume, Mobile, AL, is not the first place that comes to mind. Still, the magnificence of perfumes always intrigued Ashley Loveless Cunningham. Spending countless hours at department store counters, learning the science behind fragrance birthed her passion for perfumery.

Ashley began to dream of different scents that would blend perfectly together, long-lasting and stood out from the rest. This passion quickly went from a thought of, “can I do it, to Ashley, you are going to do it.” She could not shake the visions in her head of shapes of bottles, the color of bottles, the name of her fragrance, how the name would display on the bottle, seeing her perfume on counters in major department stores, and sharing with the world all the things perfume did for a brown girl from Mobile, AL.

Perfume is her place of peace, confident builder, compliment receiver, and final accessory when worn. After losing sleep countless nights, she began to take flight into making her passion a reality. She began performing her in-home testing and sampling so that when sharing her vision with a chemist she would already have an insight and a voice.

Ashley ran into obstacles along the way but remained steadfast on her vision, which caused her to press forward even harder. She finally was ready to present to the world a conversation piece that was close to her heart, not because of the work she put into it, but because of the name she selected. Ashley’s maiden name is Loveless (having no feelings of love). After love found her and she married her best friend, she decided that it was time to complete the project of “LUVLESS.” She decided to keep her namesake with a twist, hence the name. LuVless Amour Sacré (Amour Sacré means Sacred Love in French) was born.

As a mother and entrepreneur, effortless style and grace are what Ashley aims for in her everyday life. The things she aims for are projected not only in the scent of LuVless Amour Sacré but also in the perfume bottle design. Notes of dark chocolate and soft musk define the LuVless experience charm the customer with elegance. The LuVless Fragrance embodies confidence, passion, and sensuality. The classic shape of the LuVless Amour Sacré bottle projects power, sensuality, and elegance.

Perfume is the final accessory that, when adorned with the perfect attire, injects the wearer with a new confidence level. The scents, captivating bottle designs, and the confidence gained from a mere fragrance spray fueled her passion for sharing LuVless with the world.

Website: www.LuVless.org 
Facebook: LuVless
Instagram: @luvlessfragrance

Nakia “Nykki” Evans

As a licensed Esthetician and business owner Nakia “Nykki” Evans operates Mobile, Alabama’s 1st Wax and Wellness Spa with a passion. She has been in the medical field, dermatology, and plastic surgery 22 years and an Esthetician for 10 years specializing in eyelash extensions and Brazilian waxing. Nykki is also known for her expertise in hair transplant surgery is performed to restore hair to areas of the scalp that are bald or that have thinning hair.

Nykki has added 4 employees to the staff that includes two Estheticians and two mink lash specialists in order to expand business hours for customers convenience. She considers it “a blessing and a privilege” to have found a career that not only helps people achieve clear and healthy skin but a career that helps people feel good about themselves! Realizing that the outward appearance of acne, blemishes, and other maladies seriously affects not only one’s confidence but also their self-esteem, Nykki strives to make you look and feel your best!  

602 Bel Air Blvd Ste. 17
Mobile, AL 36606

Bridgette Washington, Owner and Master Cosmetologist of AdriAnnie DavRose. Fell in love with styling when she was 12 years young in her mother’s kitchen. From there, her passion continued to expand, and in time, she was able to obtain her education and practice professionally.

 Bridgette has been in the industry 20 plus years. As she, continued in her professional career, Her core value has always been “hair should not only look good, but it should be treated with care to ensure its health”. As a professional hairstylist Bridgette takes personal pride in her profession and she believes that every professional should follow this simple creed. Bridgett has fashioned a reputation for herself as having growing hands.

Bridgette is known for her coloring skills, short haircuts, silk presses, along with other modern and classic techniques. She also enjoys teaching her craft in one on one training, as well as classes for students and professionals alike.

A natural companion with her styling has been the art of makeup. She expanded her knowledge over the years, to service her clients beauty needs from the neck up, all in one location. When you book your consultation with Bridgette, know that you and your styling needs will come first at AdriAnnie DavRose.

Follow her product and info page @adriannie.davrose on Instagram for some helpful tips and products to help you obtain and keep your hair healthy!


Jennifer Walker-Stevens

Owner & CEO: Jennifer Walker-Stevens
Huntsville, AL
Fashion & Style
BARΞ was established in March of 2020 at the start of a nation wide pandemic! Formally started as BARΞFOOT back several years ago in 2014 by myself; Owner and CEO, Jennifer Walker-Stevens. I always knew I wanted to own a business and be a business woman, but how! So I started a business and wanted to sell women’s shoes, well let’s just say that and a few other businesses weren’t quite the right fit. Fast forward to present I have launched BARΞ! A new up and coming Swimwear and Accessories Boutique & Pop Up Shop. This is it, this drives me and motivates me for even more success. My advice to anyone is to keep going even when you don’t feel like it.

Wade “The Barber” Menendez

Licensed Master Barber/Business Owner

Wade Menendez, known around the world as, “Wade the Barber,” is a master barber who has been in the barber field for over 13 years. With an impressive celebrity clientele, Wade is notoriously known for his impressive cuts that exemplify his distinct attention to detail to help his clients achieve their desired look. Wade received his license in 2004 from Avara’s Academy of Hair Design in Baltimore, MD. What started off as a hobby for him at age 12 grew to be his career that has landed him the opportunity to travel all over the world doing what he loves.

In March of 2011, Wade opened his first barbershop, “The W Hair Loft,” located in downtown Glen Burnie, MD. Through much hard work, dedication, and support from his clients, he was able to open a second location in the Washington, DC (Hyattsville) area in the summer of 2004. Both shops are successfully operating with a team of barbers who work closely together to bring the best male grooming services to those in DC, MD, and the surrounding areas.

Due to the many years he has spent perfecting his craft, Wade is able to produce unique styles as his skillset is second to none, guaranteeing total satisfaction every time. Wade’s commitment to be one of the best barbers is the driving force behind his dedication to growing his brand.

As a certified Hair Loss Specialist, he is one of the first barbers to offer custom hair units for men—a service that allows men who are thinning or balding due to alopecia be able to regain their confidence by having hair. 

Wade is also launching his own line of products, “Ultimate Essentials,” teaching classes and offering training to other barbers who are interested in growing their businesses, and he is the proud founder of The Wade H. Menendez Foundation which launched in 2017. Growing up with a solid Christian background, Wade inspires others by reminding others that they succeed at anything they put their minds to.

“If you want to be successful, you have to work hard … and it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes lots of practice and patience to find your niche. Once you do, the possibilities are endless.”

— Wade the barber

@wade the barber

 Mr.Dontez Love

What can you say about Dontez Love? With over 20 years in the industry He has set standards, broke barriers, acquired an elite status and has no thoughts of slowing down! He is the 4x award winning international hairstylist and educator originally from Cleveland Ohio. Residing in Atlanta Ga. Dontez is the owner of Kreativity Lab Salon, D. Love Academy, The Love Collection Hair Extensions, KQ Apparel and various other small businesses!
After many accomplishments such as being on the hit show Split Ends and winning the $10,000 grand prize for Split Ends The Big Cut Off, working with various celebrities and teaching at the largest hair shows in the country Dontez still believes in furthering his education! He will be attending the Iconic Vidaal Sassoon in London before 2020 ends.
When asked how did he feel about the opportunity he simply said “It’s always been a dream to create a mark as vibrant as his inspiration Vidal Sassoon”! This experience will catapult the ideal thought of striving for greatness. He is truly an amazing person that wants to see everyone succeed. If we could describe Dontez in 5 words….. Extraordinary, Determined, Ambitious, Driven and Kreative! For more on Dontez Love follow him on all social media platforms @mrdontezlove
Dontez Love
International Hairstylist (Licensed Master Cosmetologist )and Educator (Licensed Instructor) | Inspirational Singer | Media Mogul | Host
Follow me on Social Media
Instagram ~ @mrDontezLove
Twitter ~ @mrDontezLove
Snapchat ~ @mrDontezLove
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For all Engagements (Speaking, Hosting, Interviews and Singing)


BrandonStefan is a gifted and talented Master Stylist, who hails from Raleigh, NC, and who has been at the forefront of this creative industry for over 22 years.

BrandonStefan believes that his Faith in God has allowed him to flourish as a Master Stylist, and has propelled him forward in his field, affording him growth and opportunities throughout his career.

BrandonStefan has been the sole Proprietor of 2 Salon locations in Raleigh NC.  In addition to maintaining his own business, he has been a valuable asset to other Hair Boutiques and Salons, both learning from colleagues and sharing his extensive knowledge along the way. In his most recent ventures, BrandonStefan has worked with RazorChic of Atlanta Salon and with Travis Dowdy Salons, also of Atlanta. 

 BrandonStefan is a certified and trained Master  hairstylist, with experience in Alopecia, Male Pattern Baldness, and other hair related conditions.  Knowledge and experience gained through his proprietorship and his collaboration with fellow colleagues of the industry, BrandonStefan has quickly risen through the ranks of Cosmetology and Master Styling.

BrandonStefan holds a degree in Cosmetology/Barber studies from the Aveda Institute of Hair in Chapel Hill, NC.  In this capacity, BrandonStefan has become a master of custom haircuts, coloring/color mixing, intricate trimming, hair installments and design, as well as a host of other techniques. 

He also instructs private, group, and other stylists in proper cutting, styling, and in other techniques that are requested of him to elaborate on. BrandonStefan is a Master Stylist both in the State of North Carolina and in Georgia.

BrandanStefan is the father of one daughter, whom he adores and is grooming to follow in his footsteps.  He is the product of two loving and supportive parents, who are proud of his accomplishments, and are always supportive of any venture he undertakes in his career.



 Skyy Wonders


Skyy Wonders is an awe-inspiring photographer in the photography industry! She graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a B.A. in Liberal Studies. After college, she decided to make Atlanta, GA her home. Continuing her education, she attended Bauder College where she received her degree in Fashion Merchandising.

Her knack for fashion and styling has garnered her opportunities to work on movie, television and photo shoot sets. She then realized how her eye for fashion helped her gain a unique gift in photography where she was able to catch the most authentic moments of her subjects.

She aims to capture that pose, that look, that move…that special moment! What started out 15 years ago as hobby, photography has become her passion and profession. Skyy specializes in fashion, beauty, portrait, event, and lifestyle photography. She believes that you should capture “Your Moment Beyond The Skyy!”

Skyy WondersFounder/CEO 40+ Wonders, LLC

“40+ Is Wonderful!”

 Sadetra Jordan

 A professional Hair stylist from Dallas, Tx. Sadetra began doing hair at the early age of 10, she knew at this time that this is what she wanted to do. Her passion led her to eventually attending beauty college where she would receive her cosmetology license in 1993. 
Her rise as a stylist in Dallas, Tx. is legendary. While working in a small salon on Ann Arbor St. in the Oak Cliff section of Dallas, Sadetra became one of the most requested stylist in Dallas. Her clientele grew so much that women would often sleep in their cars awaiting their place in line to sit in her chair, she was dubbed, “Blessed Hands” by her clients, in reference to her faith in Christ, and the belief that God gave her this gift.

Sadetra would later open Studio 360 Hair Gallery in Dallas currently being operated by her oldest daughter Chrystal Jones ( IG: her_weave killa ) no longer being simply known as “ Sadetra from Ann Arbor “, she was now known as the owner of Studio 360 Hair Gallery, a long way from sitting on the steps of her mother’s apartment at age 10 with a mannequin “doing finger waves”. In a career that has spanned over 30 years, Sadetra shows no sign of slowing down, her creativity and passion allows her to still be relevant with all ages and ethnic groups.

Today, Sadetra and her husband reside in Houston, Tx. along with their youngest of 6 kids, doing the work of God through reaching the lost. On top of being in a new city, Sadetra is quickly becoming one of the most sought after stylist in Houston, along with teaching one on one classes to professional stylist. She is one of the true blessings the industry has to offer.

Contact Instagram name:

 Vance the Barber

Vance is one of Tupelo’s top source for men’s grooming needs, a role he has held for 11 years. Vance journey toward becoming a barber goes back at the age of 11 years old. His mom was a beautician and he use to spend his summers sitting around in her salon watching the barber’s do their job. He valued the skill that these men portrayed and began to teach himself how to cut hair. Of course his first cut was not his best but Vance was determined to master his desired style. With lots of practice he soon excelled at cutting his own hair. 
For most of his high school friends he became the go to barber, a role that continued through his college days. After much soul searching, he stepped out on faith and enrolled in barbering school. Vance completed his formal training and began his barbering career. During this time he launched his own grooming service known as Professional Image Studio located inside of Hands on Touch Salon.

Over the next few years he was known as more than a groomer or barber. His reputation was that of a “master barber.” With daily blogs and ongoing videos, he began receiving emails and calls on a daily basis from potential clients. With this, his reputation grew and his working schedule became even more busy. 
Today, the name “Vance the Barber” has become a brand in itself. The barber continue to grow the name through appearances, education and client interaction. He is truly an example of how following his passion has led him to great success. “If you love what you do, life is to be lived, not worked.”
Vance is currently living in Tupelo, MS with his three daughters Asia, ZaKayla, and Chloe.

Snapchat: VanceTheBarber1
FB: VanceProfessional Image Buchanan

  Timberlin Oden

Timberlin Oden is a licensed Hair / Makeup artist with 14+ years experience in the beauty industry. She is passionate about  educating her clients on how to maintain healthy hair and her specialization is in short hair design. Timberlin participates in continuing education classes to stay abreast with the trends and she enjoys networking with other stylist.
You can follow Timberlin on Instagram @timberlinoden, on facebook @timberlins, and book an appointment online at www.styleseat.com/timberlin.

Stancer Novak Young

Celebrating over 35 years in the beauty and fashion industry, Novak is
known as the definitive yardstick of personal style by which all others are to
be measured. Novak’s sage approach to “ total beauty” was initiated from
inception in the industry. This was witnessed with his win in the Total Male
Image Competition of Atlanta very early in his career.

As a fashion marketing major, his entry into the industry began with
men’s retail apparel, tailoring and design. His desire to share his unique
expertise in creating the perfect image for men and women led to him
becoming a prominent personal stylist among the most affluent markets
throughout the nation. It was at this juncture that he added make-up to his
roster of skill sets and partnered with Fashion Fair Cosmetics, among others.

Because of his strong features and zealous encouragement from friends
and colleagues, he was able to make his debut onto the world stage in both
the U.S. and Europe as a male model. His success in Europe was
documented in an eight page exclusive editorial in the former Italian
magazine Modo Uomo.
Due to his love and thirst for knowledge in teaching others how to
build a complete image, Novak embarked onto another frontier in the fashion
industry by becoming a board certified Cosmetologist.

Upon graduating from the world renowned Pivot Point International Academy, at the top of his
class, Novak assisted top national stylist in the industry, such as Barry Fletcher
and John Atchison. He then became a national platform artist with the Ricci
International team representing Helena Troy.

His entrepreneurial spirit caused him to reinvent the salon experience
for his upscale clientele, by becoming the owner of two salons. Although his
salon “Complete One Beauty” offered traditional salon services, his focus lied
in supporting clients to achieve Total beauty. He caused his patrons to realize
that beauty was an inside job.

Although Novak has experienced many facets of the beauty and fashion
industry, he has expanded his knowledge to understand that the foundation of
beauty covers more than the physical. It targets five other areas that enables a
person to be rich in all aspects of their lives, whether it be Political,
Educational, Economical, Social and Spiritual. It is this idea that lead to the
discussion of “Beauty from a Logical Prospective”.

It is this type of innovative thinking about beauty and fashion, that has
solicited speaking engagements that inspire, enlighten and teach. With his
forthcoming autobiographical expose on what the beauty industry hopes you
will never figure out, he’s also embarking on becoming a prolific writer. Novak is currently working to support other fashion and beauty professionals become more financially savvy via his Billionaire Stylists campaign, so that they can leave a legacy for future generations.

You can contact Novak billionairestylists@gmail.com 678-508-7254
You can also visit www. Billionairestylists.com @complete1beauty

NaTasha Somalia

What began as a passion for hair soon turned into 26years of dedicated work to my profession.
“Redefining the concept of hair care products” an essence of the  ingredients in the Natasha Somalia product line.
Hair Care and Texture Management , Natasha Somalia , has interchangeable roles as creative stylist, product developer, top educator, and business entrepreneur.
Natasha’s impeccable reputation for hair care and an academic approach to the study of hair texture, products and styling tools have revolutionized the cutting and shaping of hair for all textures
Armed with years of professional hair care, business branding management and marketing experience, Natasha used her savvy business acumen to create two of metropolitan Philadelphia’s most highly sought beauty destinations. Her expertise also offers effective salon management, product knowledge , revenue growth, profitability and work-life balance instruction to salon owners and stylists throughout the Metropolitan area. 
Natasha Somalia is Founder and CEO of COVERED the salon ; Co-Owner and Artistic Director of COVERED BEAUTY Hair Studio in the Philadelphia area; KBBS Educator ; Ambassador for ENSO ; and a proud mother of five children.
We also found this interesting story on Natasha…..

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) —   A Germantown salon owner is working to build cultural understanding about Islam. She chooses to come out in public fully veiled. Natasha Somalia has owned a salon for 25 years, but 8 years ago, the mother-of-five converted to Islam, choosing to wear an abaya. “If I have to go out and conduct business, it’s more of a protection for me,” Somalia told Eyewitness News. She’s fully veiled with only her eyes showing through her niqab whenever she goes in public.

“I still work out in my hijab, with my niqab,” she said. Somalia’s salon is called “Fully Covered”- and while her largest clientele are Muslim, she sells hair care products in area stores and globally online. She’s even been featured in Newsweek Middle East and on YouTube. But Somalia says her appearance has caused her to lose clients. “They said, ‘you’re not touching my hair with that on. Take that crap off your head,’” she explained. Read more here (http://philadelphia.cbslocal.com/2015/12/16/muslim-salon-owner-wants-people-to-know-her-religion-is-normal/)


 Penny Charmaine Jones

Charmaine “Penny” Jones is a licensed master cosmetologist and owner/CEO of Hair Illusions in two locations: Westchester, IL and Plainfield, IL. 

Penny has worked in the hair industry for more than 25 years and has received professional certifications of achievement from Pivot Point International Beauty (Certified Licensed Cosmetologist) and Vidal Sassoon Academy (ABC Cut). She’s very passionate, professional and dedicated to excellence in all forms of beauty. 

Hair Illusions Corp.
1151 Portsmouth Ave
Westchester, IL 60154
 Phone: 708.221.6344


Often referred to as the Short Hair Architect, Larnetta Moncrief brings OPULENCE, GLAMOUR, and STYLE to every design making her the stylist of choice for the fierce and fabulous.  A professional stylist for over ten years, Larnetta uses hair as her canvas, bringing a distinctive aesthetic and unique approach to draw out each client’s inner diva.  

At an early age, Larnetta understood that hair is not just an accessory; that fabulous hair is the key to feeling beautiful and confident.  She aspired to attend fashion or cosmetology school; however, her path changed when she decided to attend Alabama State University.

 After graduating from college and receiving numerous accolades in her professional career, Larnetta’s passion for making women feel beautiful was still persistent.  At 28, she silenced her fears and enrolled in cosmetology school where her natural talents and innate ability to move ahead of trends propelled her to the top of her class.  A master of her craft, Larnetta travels extensively around the country to study the latest techniques and hair trends.

A true style chameleon, Larnetta embraces change and evolution.  She “gets an exhilarating rush” from transforming her clients into confident and fearless beauties.  At THE DIVA LOUNGE, Larnetta is living her dream of making women feel fabulous.  


Donald Wilson


H2T: How long have you been a barber?

Donald: I picked up the clippers in 1984.

H2T: When did you first realize that you had a passion for barbering?

Donald: Around 1999.

H2T: Do you teach classes?

Donald: Actually I’m not a teacher at all.

H2T: What is one of the biggest mistakes a new barber can make?

Donald: Trying to do too much too fast. Barbering is just like everything else it takes practice.

H2T: What mistakes did you do when first starting out?

Donald: Not finishing properly and not taking good care of my equipment.

H2T: How did you correct them?

Donald: Just taking my time and learning the ins and outs of my tools.

  H2T: Do you think anyone can become a barber or is it a gift that you have to be born with?

Donald: I believe your born with it. Barbering is a art. Most barbers can draw pretty good?

H2T: Where are you located?

Donald: Paulsboro, New Jersey

H2T: If you can give one barber tip to an up and coming barber, what would it be?

Donald: Practice. Be a student to the game. Stay Humble

H2T: How can people find you on social media?

Donald: IG @wizzydadabarber, SnapChat wizztdabarber

H2T: Where can people expect to see you next?

Donald: Me and my barber brothers will be at Bronner Bros. in Atlanta promoting our company Dope Hair Care.

KaSundra Anderson

Hed2Toe: How long have you been a nail technician?

KaSundra: I’ve been doing this for 20 years.

Head2Toe: When did you first realize that you had a passion for nail art?

KaSundra:  I have an overall passion for nails. I primarily care for the health of the nails versus the nail art. But I do from time to time get some of my clients who are interested in  nail art. So I would say my interest grew more when I started doing photo shoots and production/set work.

Head2Toe: Do you teach classes?

KaSundra: Currently at the moment I’m not teaching classes. Honestly I have had people to ask me about teaching. So that is something that I am going to consider for 2017 on natural nail care.

Head2Toe: What is one of the biggest mistakes a new nail tech can make?

KaSundra: One of the biggest mistakes a new nail tech can make, would be not having patience. In this business you have to have patience to grow your clients. You have to be somewhere to grow your business before stepping out there on your own.

Head2Toe: What mistakes did you make when first starting out?

KaSundra: For me one of my mistakes was not having patience. It takes time to have a plan and a marketing plan to getting new clients.

Head2Toe: How did you correct them?

KaSundra:  I just learned how to slow down and to have patience and to be in one place and be stationary to show my presence.

Head2Toe: Do you think anyone can become a nail technician or is it a gift that you have to be born with?

KaSundra: Yes I think anyone can do nails, but the passion is what keeps you going. You have to have a spirit of serving and a lot of patience. Not only for yourself, but for the clients that you deal with. You have to have the drive to push forward.

Head2Toe: Do you see a lot of people who have contracted a nail fungus?

KaSundra:  I do have a few clients that have a fungus, I will first refer them to go see a dermatologist or podiatrist first. But it is something that is very important when finding a nail salon. It’s about sanitation and building a relationship with your nail technician.

Head2Toe: How can people avoid contracting a nail fungus?

KaSundra: People can avoid a nail fungus by being aware. Ask questions, do your research in regards to what you’re really looking for. And find someone that you can really communicate with in regards to what your needs are.

Head2Toe: Where are you located?

KaSundra: In Buckhead
Nail Spa Haven
173 West Wieuca Rd NE, Suite 106

Atlanta Ga 30342

Head2Toe: What is the best way to book with you?

KaSundra: Look me up under @nailspahaven on social media. By Appointment only.

Head2Toe: If you can give one up and coming nail technician a tip, what would it be?

KaSundra: To have patience with yourself, to take classes, to always keep in the know what’s going on in the industry as well as with your state board and what your clients needs are.

Head2Toe: Where can people expect to see you next?

KaSundra: Not for sure on where people will find me next, sometimes I’m all over the place have I’ve had some Publications this year. So we’ll have to see what happens for next year.

 Shakita Y. Byrd

God, Family and then Hair is the key to her success and longevity in the beauty industry.

Mother of four, wife, salon owner and hairstylist has been the lyrics to her song for the past eighteen years. Shakita started her career at Beauty College America, where she graduated at the top of her class and then breezed through her state board examination in 1998. After receiving her license Shakita went to work in a salon for a year and a half until she realized that becoming a salon owner was her ultimate goal. With the help of her wonderful parents Shakita and her brother went on to open up a beauty and barber salon in Decatur, Ga in December 1998 where she has been a hairstylist/salon owner ever since. Shakita takes pride in operating a clean, professional, warm and inviting salon atmosphere for her hairstylist and most of all for her customers. Shakita is Head2Toe Magazine’s new featured hairstylist.


Shakita Byrd
SYB Hair Salon
4717 Covington Highway Suite 104
Decatur, Ga. 30035
IG/Twitter- @hairbykita
Facebook- Shakita Burse Byrd

 David Ferragamo

David is a 26 year old professional hairstylist from Indiana/Chicago who found his passion in hair styling in the eighth grade. He attended cosmetology school in Daytona Beach, Florida and from there it has been an uphill journey. David is the winner of the SHBR Midwest finest stylist award as well as the 2014 Hair Illusions 5K first place winner. David specializes in sew-in extensions, signature cuts and color. Hair styling is his passion and it is shown through his work. David desires to one day own his own cosmetology school to teach his skills to the future hairstylist of the world. If you follow David on social media you will see some of the most beautiful hairstyles in the industry and he is someone to look out for in the near future. His talent and love for God has already guaranteed his place at the top in the beauty industry. David is Head2Toe Magazine’s new feature hairstylist. A man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before the the great…Proverbs 18:16


Follow @davidferragamo_stylez

Janarius “J-Roc Da Barber” Harris

J-Roc Da Barber is a 9x Barber Battle Champion. He is originally from Belzoni, Ms but now resides in Houston, Tx. He is a licensed Master Barber with over 20 years of Experience. After years in the U.S. Navy he decided to attend Barber School to follow his passion. He got his start battling in Barber Battles while in Barber School.


After graduation he began battling professionally in battles threw out the south. As the wins started to pile up he started getting recognized as one of the top Barbers in the Industry which got him onto the Tv Show Cedric’s Barber Battle on the CW Network. Now J-Roc travels the Country judging Barber Battles and Educating other Barbers. He does educational classes at Hair Shows and was selected to be an Educator for Bronner Brothers 2016.

Picture Perfect Cuts
12805 Cullen Boulevard
Houston, Tx 77047

Tiliea Shipp

Tiliea Shipp a passionate hair artist based out of Kennesaw, Ga. Specializing in Healthy Hair Care.
Tiliea’s energy, and creativity makes her one of the most sought after hairstylist. Originally from Columbus, Ohio, Tiliea moved here with family, with the interest in exploring her artistic side. Knowing that moving to Atlanta would create more opportunity.

She attended Paul Mitchell The School Atlanta where she built a strong foundation and learned to appreciate the art of hair. After graduating she has collaborated with talented photographers and other artist on a variety of projects. Her mission now is to simply bring out the beauty in you!

“The greatest talent is meaningless without one other vital component- passion”

Sewlyn Lager

Follow Tiliea on Instagram @tilieamariebeauty~~www.tileamariebeauty.com

  Ted Gibson

Ted Gibson is one of the most sought-after editorial, runway, and celebrity hair stylists in the business.  His work has appeared in publications such as Vogue, Harper’sBazaar, Elle, Marie Claire, Vanity Fair, People StyleWatch, W, and Allure and backstage at runway shows such as Chanel, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana.  He is also a huge influence and presence at both Fall and Spring New York Fashion Week styling some of the top American fashion designer labels including Pamella Roland, Carmen Marc Valvo and Lela Rose.  Ted is perhaps most known for toiling over the tresses of top celebrities including Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Debra Messing, Angelina Jolie, Ashley Greene, Lupita Nyong’o, Gabrielle Union and many more.

Considering his background, it’s not surprising that Ted’s incredibly successful Flatiron salon is frequented by models, actresses, fashion and beauty insiders and influential women who love its modern vibe and its discreet, down-to-earth flavor of chic.  Ted was also the resident hair guru on TLC’s “What Not to Wear” and was responsible for the participants life-changing makeovers.

On top of all this, his luxurious product line offers unique, innovative products that have developed a loyal following, as well as being honored with industry accolades and awards. His products, including shampoos, conditioners, and styling products were an immediate success and sold out within hours on QVC.  The Ted Gibson Hair Sheets have become a cult product and beauty closet staple amongst celebrities, editors, and salon clients all over the world. Read More: http://www.tedgibsonbeauty.com/abouttedgibson.php

 Monika Parham

A veteran of the beauty industry for 18 years, Monika Parham a native of Chicago, Illinois became officially a licensed professional cosmetologist in 1999. Upon receiving her  license via Dudley Cosmetology College, Chicago campus she discovered not only that she possessed a grave talent, but that she harbored an amazing passion for changing lives by making women feel beautiful one head at a time.  Acknowledging her passion, Monika begin to take interest in gaining as much education as possible.  This lead her to obtain her Master Cut Certification through Dudley Cosmetology University, Greensboro, North Carolina.  Monika has since owned her own salon in Chicago, been published in popular hair magazines like Black Hair Sophisticates & Black Hair. She’s been featured stylist on Chicago’s Proud Lady Hair Show brochure, as well as participant in various hair and fashion shows. She has also been a platform educator for Avlon Industries.  As of today Monika currently resides and works in Atlanta , Georgia where she continues to make women smile and feel beautiful one head at a time.
Monika Parham
(Instagram) @hairbiz1

Sonya Riviere

Sonya has had a great interest and love for the hair and beauty industry since an early age.  After graduating from Empire Beauty school, Sonya began her training and career as a precision cutting specialist at Toni & Guy Salons. While working in full service salons,  Sonya found that her niche was hair styling.  Today, she is busy doing extensions, making hair units,  and working as a hair stylist for weddings, the working woman, and the busy stay at home mom’s.  In addition,  Sonya continues to work countless fashion shows, which allows her to keep up with the latest fashion and hair trends.


~Light up the room with your grace, and let your inner beauty to shine through~

Sonya Riviere
Atlanta, Ga
(678) 760 7075
TWITTER @Cbbatlanta
EMAIL cbbatlanta@gmail.com 

 Brenda Rich


There is a relatively small segment of leaders in the business world; individuals who seem able to build relationships, trust, and rapport with almost anyone, and then are able to broker the relationships and make connections between people, creating partnerships and alliances, and motivating forward momentum to get things done.

Brenda Rich is one of those people, and ‘getting things done’ and creating profitable projects through collaboration, partnerships, and relationships—as the Creator & Executive Producer of the 1st Annual Youngstown Kids Hair & Fashion Show. With an enthusiastic and genuinely professional attitude, Brenda radiates a sincere passion for delivering creative productions that add value and benefits to her audience.


Prior to starting the 1st Annual Youngstown Kids Hair & Fashion Show she created her own reality T.V show called Single Mothers of Atlanta reality show concept, the 33-year-old single mother of four and estranged wife, began her career as a celebrity hair stylist specializing in “Hair Loss Prevention”. Wanting to expand on her creative talents, Brenda focused on building the next phase of her career. She decided to pursue her dreams and create a reality show that provides quality entertainment based on her own life experiences as a single mother. This reality show promises to make an impact on more people by showing them the ‘Real’ challenges many single parents face while raising children.

Based on her life experiences of now raising her children alone, she feels there is a story that needs to be told and someone needs to stand in the gap for our youth. Brenda wants to share with the world some of her innovative ideas on bringing the community together through events, education and business.

The   1st Annual Youngstown Kids Hair & Fashion Show, focus on children of all race and age to give every child something great to look forward to. This event will instill values in children, create a memory they will never forget and will bring the community together.

Upon completing Single Mothers of Atlanta first project, throughout it all, Brenda has repeatedly proved her ability to lead through diverse and challenging situations in her personal life. As Creator of Single Mothers of Atlanta, she is an excellent agent of change and has a list of accomplishments as an entrepreneur that includes the turnaround of chaotic businesses, starting a Business on “Zero” budget and building a solid reputation for spearheading growth and long-term value. This is what makes the 1st Annual Youngstown Kids Hair & Fashion Show project the show to NOT miss.

Brenda Rich
FB Brend Rich The Brand

 Jasmine Collins Razor Chic

Changing the game and setting trends along the way, Jasmine Collins is a master stylist in the hair and image consulting industry. She has been styling hair for over 23 years, expanding her personal brand further operating her own salon, and facilitating classes for up and coming stylist.

Jasmine Collins is an Award winning Master stylist. She has earned accolades from many competitions to include: Milky Way, Outre, and Bronner Brothers Hair Battle Competition. She has established a successful career generating a full head-to-toe look for anyone who dares to look their best. Jasmine demonstrates her artistry upon every client, utilizing innovative styling techniques that give you a complete look to make people stare. This cutting edge talent has rightfully earned her the nickname “RaZor Chic” in Atlanta.

Salon Moraee
2521 Piedmont Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30324
844-Raz-Chic or 844-729-2442
Follow her on Instagram @razorchicofatlanta
Twitter @razorchicofatla

  Tonya Rawls

Tonya Rawls better known as “HOLLY WOOD” is a Little Rock-based hairpreneur with national reach, specializing in life like hair extensions, instructional DVDs, wig manufacturing and celebrity brand consulting.

As one of the top-producing stylists in the state, Holly Wood is an innovative perfectionist taking her techniques, flare, and attention to detail to push the boundaries of the hair care industry. “Everything isn’t for everybody. Your stylist should be honest and style you to what fits your face, your frame and your lifestyle. I want to be more than just your ordinary stylist.” Rawls states.

The former model and master of advanced styling techniques balances a busy career with motherhood and advocating for positive change within her community. Never far from her love of creating and perfecting her craft, Hollywood provides her loyal client base and growing consultancy with a personal and patient approach. “I always have fun with my clients. They always say ‘You’re so down to Earth.’ “I believe my success will never make me snobbish or change who I am,” says Rawls, who in recent years has expanded her business as a brand endorser and celebrity host.

108 Main St.
North Little Rock, AR 72114
Follow her on IG @hollywood_thaboss

  Tone McGill

  Over the course of more then decade, Tone McGill has quickly built a reputation in the hair care industry for being more than just a barber stylist. He is also a revered educator and entrepreneur with a passion for self-development. This Philadelphia native has solidified his name as one of the most sought after celebrity barber stylist in the country.    Tone’s passion for performance and dedication to excellence has not gone un-noticed.  His expertise is frequently sought out by stylist powerhouses, such as Andis and cosmetology schools across the globe, making him one of the industry’s most in-demand educators. Through ingenious marketing and self branding, Tone has created a stylist enterprise.  Besides creating an array of self-help products, he is the founding principal of “The Ultimate Barber Lounge“, The founder of the “Blaque Technique” and is the co-founder of “Clipper Education“, an international hair care education firm. 

See more at: http://www.tonemcgill.com/


 Calondra “CC” Parker AKA “The Haircut Queen” 

Calondra Parker hails from deep down south in Mobile, Al, but she brings a different type of swag to the Gulf Coast. She is a license hairstylist and makeup Artist and now she can add haircut educator to her list of talents. Calondra says:


 Her Style says it all, and she brings out the inner fierceness of her clients. Having a bold personality is a plus in the beauty industry because it pushes other women to own their inner beauty and let it show on the outside. The “Haircut Queen” is now traveling and teaching other hairstylist her hair cutting techniques which is a great way to give back to the industry. Stay tuned because we are pretty sure that we will be hearing a lot more from this talented young lady. You can find her on Instagram @hairdivacc and on Facebook Calondra Parker.

Calondra Parker (251)648-2341

Celebrity Barber Jimmy Dale Crawford A.K.A JDBreezy

Jimmy Dale Crawford A.K.A. J.D./JDEEZY. I graduated from Pass Christian High School in 1992. I Attended Mississippi Valley State University on a football scholarship.  After three years in college, I decided to go to the army and serve my country.  Shortly after entering the military, I suffered from an extremely bad knee injury that resulted in five knee surgeries over the course of six years in the United States Army. In 2001, I was medically discharged from the military with an honorable discharge. Once exiting the military I received my Master Barber Licence. I worked in Waco Texas for a spell at Heads Up Barber Shop with Sammie Anderson. Not to long after, I decided to returned to my home town of Pass Christian Mississippi. There is were I started my business, “Cutt’en Up” barber and Beauty shop. For two lovely years the Mississippi Golden Gulf Coast showed major support to my Barber business. When Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, my home and business was destroyed. The decision was made to relocate to Nashville Tennessee! Since I’ve been in Nashville, I have had the greatest opportunity to be a barber to a quite a few Tennessee Titan players. My goal is to continue to be a positive influence to my community and surrounding cities.