Don’t Let Your Hair Stress You Out

Our Hair Our Glory The salons and barbershops are closed. The nail salons are closed. Most beauty supply stores are closed. What are you supposed to do? If you're frequent the salon or barbershop I'm pretty sure you're about to lose it. Calm down and try not to let your hair stress you out, believe … Continue reading Don’t Let Your Hair Stress You Out

The Pixie Cut Is The New Movement

Pixie Cuts are back and they are back with a vengeance! What is a pixie cut? Pixie cuts were popularized first in the 1950s when Audrey Hepburn wore the style in her debut film Roman Holiday, and later in the 1960s by actress Mia Farrow and British supermodel Twiggy, then even later by Laugh-In star … Continue reading The Pixie Cut Is The New Movement

Hair Loss News

  Miraculous "Razor Chic" Hair Transformation Inspires Moving Sermon by Award-Winning Gospel Artist Erica Campbell Erica Campbell as she acknowledges Razor Chic in her sermon. Greetings! In case you were unaware, the award-winning gospel artist, Erica Campbell, delivered a sermon recently in which she references Instagram video posts exhibiting a remarkable hair transformation created by the Atlanta-based, … Continue reading Hair Loss News

Lazy Girl Hair Hacks

As a self-professed “lazy girl,” formal events and special occasions can be more fuss and preparation than is ideal. Whether you’re preparing for a wedding or getting ready for a fancy date night, we’d like to skip right to the dancing and laughing, without hours spent styling. Can you still be lazy, even when you … Continue reading Lazy Girl Hair Hacks

Part 1-4 Hair Weave And The Damage It’s Causing

JustPart 1: The Impact Hair Weave Has On Black Women. Has It Become Addictive? Head2Toe Magazine takes a look into the impact hair weave has on black women and the community. We believe that black women have become so addicted to hair weave that it can almost be considered a drug. Hair weave has not … Continue reading Part 1-4 Hair Weave And The Damage It’s Causing