The Puff Cuff Pop Up Salon Event In Atlanta, Ga

I had the pleasure of attending The Puff Cuff Pop Up Salon on yesterday in Atlanta. The event atmosphere was so welcoming and uplifting. If you have been thinking of starting your own business you definitely miss out on an inspiring event. To see black small business owners motivating each other and complimenting each other was amazing. What is The Puff Cuff? PuffCuff Hair Clamp … Continue reading The Puff Cuff Pop Up Salon Event In Atlanta, Ga

Dear Everyone, Please Stop Doing This At Hair Salons

This is the best salon and barbershop etiquette! I found this blog post on FashionBeans and I just had to share! 1. Arriving at the salon with zero idea what you want. If you’re pretty sure that you want a completely new style, let your stylist know ahead of time. If you have no idea what you want your hair to look like, well, neither … Continue reading Dear Everyone, Please Stop Doing This At Hair Salons

Hair Loss News

  Miraculous “Razor Chic” Hair Transformation Inspires Moving Sermon by Award-Winning Gospel Artist Erica Campbell Erica Campbell as she acknowledges Razor Chic in her sermon. Greetings! In case you were unaware, the award-winning gospel artist, Erica Campbell, delivered a sermon recently in which she references Instagram video posts exhibiting a remarkable hair transformation created by the Atlanta-based, celebrity hairstylist, Razor Chic. Campbell happened upon the video posts … Continue reading Hair Loss News

Client & Beauty Professional Relationships

Should a beauty professional who provides services to the public have a friendship with their clients? This is a conversation that I had a little while ago with two well-known beauty industry professionals. They both stated that a hairstylist shouldn’t develop a friendship with their clients and clients shouldn’t have their hairstylist personal cell phone number. I disagreed with them both! When I owned my … Continue reading Client & Beauty Professional Relationships

Lazy Girl Hair Hacks

As a self-professed “lazy girl,” formal events and special occasions can be more fuss and preparation than is ideal. Whether you’re preparing for a wedding or getting ready for a fancy date night, we’d like to skip right to the dancing and laughing, without hours spent styling. Can you still be lazy, even when you have a special occasion? With these easy hair hacks, we’ll … Continue reading Lazy Girl Hair Hacks

  Timberlin Oden Timberlin Oden is a licensed Hair / Makeup artist with 14+ years experience in the beauty industry. She is passionate about  educating her clients on how to maintain healthy hair and her specialization is in short hair design. Timberlin participates in continuing education classes to stay abreast with the trends and she enjoys networking with other stylist. You can follow Timberlin on … Continue reading

Hairstyle Of The Week

 This cut is everything! Just looking at the photo makes me smile. I love it when a woman is bold and walks in a salon and says these two words… “Cut It”. This cut and style is the work of Donte Jeffery from Dallas Texas @dontejeffery. Asymmetrical cuts will always stay in style, it’s something about the asymmetrical cut that screams sexy!    Continue reading Hairstyle Of The Week