Justin “BarberBoy” Boykin

Justin Boykin

H2T: You go by a unique nickname, what do they call you?
Justin: BarberBoy
H2T: Where are you from?
Justin: From Mobile, Alabama! Born and raised by my mother Inetta Boykin (TheMoodSetta). I was born September 8, 1989 I’m one out of seven children. I have one brother and five sisters.

H2T: When did you know that you wanted to be a barber?
Justin: My mother bought me my first pair of clippers at thirteen and I played around with the clippers until I was sixteen. I Got My first job at a fast food restaurant called What-A-Burger. I did the fast food thing until I was nineteen just like my dad Randy Hayes who is now part owner of five Checkers/Rally’s fast food restaurants.
H2T: Did you graduate from high school?
Justin: At nineteen I dropped out of Vigor High School not knowing what I was going to do. I heard about White’s Barber College, a barber school in Mobile that accepts students with no high school diploma and no GED. I jumped on it!

H2T: White’s Barber College has been around for a long time! My Dad was born in 1933 and he was a student and then a barber instructor at White’s. How long was the program?
Justin: A 1500 hour course that took me three long years to complete.
H2T: Why did it take you three years?
Justin: Because I kept getting kicked out.
H2T: Kicked out? Why?
Justin: Because I was young and dumb.
H2T: That’s a very honest answer.
Justin: God knew what he was doing and things turned around. I made the front page of the Mobile Press Register newspaper and I was on Channel 5 & Channel 10 news. Mr. Isaac White, really helped me become a man before I graduated. Ten years later I’m still at it and still very much in love with my craft.
H2T: Why do you love barbering?
Justin: I enjoy making people feel better, by making them look better.

H2T: Where did you get your start?
Justin: My first barbershop was Vincent’s Headquarters and I worked there for seven years. Then I moved to 5th Quarters and I worked there for two years. As of now I have my own suite at Salons By JC. I have a great reputation in my city for cutting hair.
H2T: What do you take pride in?
Justin: I do a lot of giveaways and I support whoever I can,the best way that I can. I started from nothing to being able to have two billboards up in my city and I have an overflowing clientele!

H2T: What has barbering done for you?
Justin: Barbering has changed my life and this is the only way that I support my wife “Breaira Boykin” and my six children. Which are all girls (Mikinzie, Kaitlyn, Kennadi, Kailee, Justyce & Brelia Boykin) So without barbering there wouldn’t be a me today.

H2T: Do you plan on instructing one day?
Justin: If there’s anyone out there that I can teach to be a barber that will allow them to support their family I will.
H2T: How can you be contacted?
Justin: My phone number is 251-206-9859. Facebook is Team BarberBoy. Instagram @teambarberboy

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