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Men, Women and Sex

Men, Women and Sex By Richard Sine WebMD Feature Reviewed by Brunilda Nazario, MD (  Birds do it, bees do it, and men do it any old time. But women will only do it if the candles are scented just right -- and their partner has done the dishes first. A stereotype, sure, but is … Continue reading Men, Women and Sex

Ladies Can Get Their Grove Back

Study Finds Viagra Works for Women  A new study has found that the impotence drug Viagra could ramp up the sex lives of women who take it, just as it has done for men. The 12-week study focused on 202 post-menopausal or post-hysterectomy women who complained of female sexual arousal disorder. The women in the … Continue reading Ladies Can Get Their Grove Back

Staying Friends With An Ex: The Only 5 Reasons You Should Do It

Hollywood Life

After a breakup, should you stay friends with your ex? Or is it better to part ways for good? We’ve got the answers! Find out.

Staying friends after a major breakup is hard for almost every couple. For many (OK, most), it’s best to just break all ties and cut off contact with an ex. It’s the most effective way to get over him — or her — so that you can move on. But, are there any instances where you can and should stay friends? Of course! Here’s five reasons you and your ex should stay friends.

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Chris Brown: The Difficult Road He Faces Establishing Legal Fatherhood Of Royalty

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Chris may be enjoying one-on-one time with Royalty, but a legal expert tells EXCLUSIVELY that the ‘Loyal’ singer has a lot of hurdles to overcome before being granted legal rights to his daughter. Find out all the details!

Chris Brown, 26, is reportedly at war with Royalty’s mother, Nia Guzman, over child support payments, and because of this, the “Loyal” singer wants legal rights to his daughter. Unfortunately for Chris, that’s much easier said than done.

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Why Men Cheat….Are They All Cheaters?

Is there any men out there who doesn't cheat on their significant other? Some say no and some say yes and we are trying to determine the answer. It seems as if it doesn't matter how beautiful, sexy, talented, smart or fine a woman is she isn't exempt from being cheated on by her man. … Continue reading Why Men Cheat….Are They All Cheaters?