The Pixie Cut Is The New Movement

Pixie Cuts are back and they are back with a vengeance! What is a pixie cut?

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Pixie cuts were popularized first in the 1950s when Audrey Hepburn wore the style in her debut film Roman Holiday, and later in the 1960s by actress Mia Farrow and British supermodel Twiggy, then even later by Laugh-In star Goldie Hawn. Jean Seberg also sported a pixie cut for Otto Preminger’s melodrama film Bonjour Tristesse.
The crop became fashionable again in the late 1970s and 1980s, with one of its most notable wearers being the actress Jacqueline Pearce in the British TV series Blake’s 7. The crop also was big in the mid 1990s, and Halle Berry appeared in the 2002 James Bond film Die Another Day wearing a crop. In 2010, Cate Blanchett and Hayden Panettiere also sported cropped hair.
Depending on the style, pixies range from as short as a half inch in some places to two or three inches long in others. Pixies are very easy to maintain and can be worn casually, or dressed up for special occasions. (

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Fantasia Barrino

Not everyone can wear the pixie cut, but those who can rock it like it’s no one’s business! Fantasia is one of the queens of the pixie cut. Jamie Lee Curtis looks amazing wearing the pixie and her salt and pepper hair color gives it an extra flare. A lot of women want to wear a pixie cut but are afraid of not being able to maintain the style, when actually short hair is easier to maintain. When the hair is short you can always get away with a quick shampoo and gel or foam wrap without even touching it with a curling iron or flat iron, and it can still look stylish.

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If you’re unsure about how you will look with short hair, you can always get a short weave to see how you will look with a short cut. Be bold and do what you feel!



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Client & Beauty Professional Relationships

Should a beauty professional who provides services to the public have a friendship with their clients?

This is a conversation that I had a little while ago with two well-known beauty industry professionals. They both stated that a hairstylist shouldn’t develop a friendship with their clients and clients shouldn’t have their hairstylist personal cell phone number. I disagreed with them both!

When I owned my own salon and stood behind the chair on a daily basis, I did develop a friendship with “SOME” of my clients that went beyond my chair. It wasn’t intentional to develop a friendship, it just sort of happened. If you believe in a higher being then you would understand that people don’t cross paths by accident. There is always a reason for people meeting whether you are aware of the reason or not.


Understanding Your Roll

I understood that some of the women who sat in my chair didn’t have anyone to vent to. Or ask advice about something personal going on in their lives and they just needed someone to talk to. I understood that what they discussed with me shouldn’t go beyond my chair. As far as my clients getting comfortable thinking that our relationship outside of the chair having anything to do with what I charged them was never an issue for me. The clients that I became close to (and still close to this day) understood that I was running a business and they respected my business. Trust me my clients knew not to ask me for a discount and they also knew when I gave them one just because.

It’s totally up to the professional on how to handle client relationships. I’m glad that I was born with the gift of BSB (BullShit Blocker) which means if you want to get over on me you will have to bring your A game! In order to build long term business relationships you must first build trust as well as making the client feel relaxed when you are servicing them. Sometimes a relationship develops because not only are you giving words of advice, the client may inform you on things that you weren’t aware of. A conversation could turn into a full therapy session for both of you!

Just Let Go And Live

Things happen in life all the time and I had to learn to just let things happen. If a friendship develops with a client just go with it because it could possibly be the best thing that could happen in your life! Being a robot behind the chair isn’t cool but if it works for you then continue on that way but don’t try to tell other hairstylist not to befriend their client because to each it’s own.

Please share your opinion on this topic!


Who Is Meghan Markle

ISSA Wedding!!!

Rachel Meghan Markle (born August 4, 1981) is an American former actress who is engaged to Prince Harry of the British Royal Family. She has also been a model and campaigned for humanitarian causes. Since 2011, she has portrayed Rachel Zane on the legal drama series Suits. She is also known for her role as special agent Amy Jessup in the sci-fi thriller Fringe. She had previously worked as a freelance calligrapher.

Markle was born and raised in Los AngelesCalifornia by her mother Doria Ragland She graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in theater and international studies in 2003.

Her engagement to Prince Harry was announced on November 27, 2017, when it was said that she would retire herself from acting and devote her time to humanitarian causes.


Markle was in a relationship with actor and producer Trevor Engelson from 2004 until 2011. They married in Ocho RiosJamaica, on September 10, 2011, and divorced in August 2013. Since June 2016, she has been in a relationship with British royal Prince Harry, who is fifth in line to the throne. Prince Harry and Markle met on a blind date that a mutual friend set up. The press reported on the relationship in October 2016.

On November 8, 2016, the British royal family‘s communications secretary released an official statement that addressed the “wave of abuse and harassment” directed toward Markle. The statement spoke to the sexism, racism and defamatory stories directed at Markle, including an unspecified “smear on the front page of a national newspaper”. It urged the press to “pause and reflect” before driving these storylines.

During a September 2017 interview with Vanity Fair, Markle spoke in public for the first time about her love for Prince Harry, saying, “We’re two people who are really happy and in love. We were very quietly dating for about six months before it became news, and I was working during that whole time, and the only thing that changed was people’s perception.” Later that month, they made their first public appearances together at an official royal engagement—the wheelchair tennis event, and the closing ceremony of the Invictus Games in Toronto.

Markle maintained an apartment in Toronto because Suits was filmed there but moved out in late November 2017 after work on the seventh season had been completed. Read more here:

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Eating Your Way To Healthy Skin

Low-Fat Dairy Products

One the most important components of a healthy skin diet is vitamin A. One of the best places to get it is low-fat dairy products. In fact, experts say that the health of our skin cells is dependent on dietary vitamin A.

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Photo Courtesy:

Nutrition expert Liz Lipski, PhD, CCN, says it’s doubly important to eat A-rich dairy foods if you have either diabetes or a thyroid condition.

“Many people who have these problems can’t convert the beta-carotene to vitamin A, which is the form found in many foods that we normally associate with this vitamin, such as carrots,” says Lipski, the founder and director of and the author of Digestive Wellness.

The A in dairy products, she says, is “true A,” so everyone’s skin can use it.

Lipski says low-fat yogurt is not only high in vitamin A, but also acidophilus, the “live” bacteria that is good for intestinal health. Turns out, it may also have an impact on the skin.

“Anything that helps keep digestion normal, any live bacteria or enzymes, is also going to be reflected in healthy-looking skin,” says Lipski.

Blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, and plums

The common link between these four foods is their high antioxidant content. In a study recently published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, these four fruits weighed in with the highest “total antioxidant capacity” of any food. The benefits of these foods for a healthy skin diet are plentiful.

“Free radicals — like the kind formed from sun exposure — damage the membrane of skin cells, potentially allowing damage to the DNA of that cell,” says Heller. The antioxidants and other phytochemicals in these fruits can protect the cell, she says, so there is less chance for damage.

“When you help protect the cells from damage and disintegration, you also guard against premature aging. In this respect, these fruits may very well help keep your skin younger looking longer,” says Heller.

According to the new study, other fruits and vegetables with a “high antioxidant capacity” include artichokes, beans (the study cited black, red, and pinto), prunes, and pecans.

Salmon, Walnuts, Canola Oil, and Flaxseed

Photo: Getty Images

These seemingly unrelated foods all deliver essential fatty acids, and thus are key elements in a healthy skin diet.

“Essential fatty acids are responsible for healthy cell membranes, which is not only what act as barriers to harmful things but also as the passageway for nutrients to cross in and out and for waste products to get in and out of the cell,” says Ann Yelmokas McDermott, PhD, a nutritionist at the Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University in Boston.

Because it is the cell membrane that also holds water in, the stronger that barrier is, the better your cells can hold moisture. And that means plumper, younger looking skin.

Also, says Heller, the same inflammatory process that can harm our arteries and cause heart disease can harm skin cells. Essential fatty acids are important in a healthy skin diet because they can offer protection to both.

The best-known essential fatty acids are omega-3 and omega-6, which must be in balance for good health (and good skin). Though we all seem to get enough omega-6, Heller says many people lack omega-3s. Fish, walnuts, and flaxseed oil are among the best sources.

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