Who Is Jason L. Scott 1st?

I didn’t know who Jason L. Scott was until recently, and it has been a pleasure finding out who he is. I became acquainted with Mr. Scott through my Total Life Changes mentor, Ms. Nikkia Alexandria. Any time you come across someone who can help you achieve financial freedom, you should take the time to listen to what they have to say.

What is a motivator?
A person who promotes interest in or enthusiasm for something or something that provides a reason or stimulus to do something.

If motivation was a person, it would be Jason L. Scott. He gives so much of his time helping new Life Changers (Total Life Changes) succeed in the business. I’ve sat in on a couple of Zoom meetings that Mr. Scott was present in and he makes the attendees feel as if they can run for President 🙂

What is a Life Changer?
Life Changers are essentially business owners that have decided to share the vision and the core values of Total Life Change’s founder and CEO, Jack Fallon. Having started TLC in the basement of his first home with a single product, Jack has propelled TLC to a top 100 global direct selling company with a #1 voted global direct selling product called Iaso® detox tea.


Total Life Changes is committed to providing cutting-edge technologies to its Life Changers. TLC is now offering mobile applications for managing your business and sharing product samples around the world to help you help others make a Total Life Change!

Who Is Mr. Scott?

Jason L. Scott, 1st is above all things, a servant leader. This certified John Maxwell Coach is an author, speaker, highly sought after leader, and success mentor, empowering everyday people into extraordinary six-figure income earners.

Jason L. Scott

His days of growing up in the projects of the Bronx, New York, coupled with his leadership training as a Fort Bragg Paratrooper in the Army led Mr. Scott on a personal development journey, which resulted in him researching and studying hundreds of leadership development books and experts where he learned to transform his life and through heart filled stories and innovative workshops he connects and transforms individuals from all walks of life.

Jason L. Scott, 1st is an international mentor in advanced leadership. He has helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs overcome adversity through specialized training in personal accountability, clarity and focus, enhanced productivity and personal power. He has risen to national prominence, traveling nationally and internationally, including Iceland, the United Kingdom, Italy, the Caribbean, France, Latin America, and Africa delivering high-energy, high-impact messages and brilliant life stories that explain to people…

“Your past will dictate your future, if you keep letting excuses and mediocrity dictate your present.”

As a serial entrepreneur he owns and operates multiple businesses such as Jason L. Scott 1st Research International in which he is a highly sought-after empowerment speaker and peak performance strategist. SMART Solutions: a waste management company in Bio and Renewable energies. Kweli Wireless our Nation’s first Black Owned Wireless Service Provider where a portion of every Kweli Wireless subscription is redirected back into a community development fund to invest into the rebuild of our urban communities. Quick Tax Pro an accounting, tax services company that offers Franchising opportunities for entrepreneurs and job opportunities for tax preparers throughout the USA. He is a MLM mentor and seven-figure earner in Direct Sales and contributing author in the #1 Best Seller, “Network Marketing for Facebook” and Founder of S.M.A.R.T. Coalition, a nonprofit organization that creates nonprofit partnerships and collaborations to service the needs of the community as well provide educational S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics) activities for youth development and adult continuing education.

Jason L. Scott, 1st is an expert in personal and professional transformation, and with a diverse group of clients from Fortune 500 companies, faith based organizations, and various MLM companies, Mr. Scott’s customized development and personal master coaching can galvanize any team to unification and leadership. With his common sense approach and savvy business skills, any business or organization would gain an exceptional leadership development resource in Jason L. Scott, 1st.

“What you think about YOU BRING ABOUT what you ask for YOU SHALL RECEIVE”

 Jason L Scott
1stTop Industry Executive     
Instagram: @jasonlscott1st