When Did We Stop Respecting Ourselves?

There used to be a saying “leave something for the imagination” which means not to show men all your goods and make him curious to find out what’s under the clothes. Why do women now a days feel like they have to show so much skin? Social media is now home of desperate women looking for attention! If you are showing your ass to anybody, what type of man do you think that your’re going to attract? When you post half naked pictures or pictures advertising how big your ass is, it’s sending a clear message that you think your greatest asset is your ass, not your brain but your ass. As a woman you should want to attract a man with your intellect and not your body. The body will change with age but knowledge and wisdom can never be taken from you! The younger generation of women have it confused and with social media, music and television how can they not be confused? The rappers and R&B singers are glorifying strippers and women who perform threesomes with their friends but the reality is they wouldn’t be caught dead on the red carpet with a stripper or a well known whore! I’m not saying that they wouldn’t have sex with a stripper but they wouldn’t dare marry her. Where is the self-respect? What happened to showing your body to your husband? Ladies you can dress sexy without showing your ass cheeks and all of your breast. These young girls must not know that a man wants a lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets! This means most men like for their lady to dress sexy and conservative at the same time in public but when he gets home he wants her to turn into his stripping, nasty, freaking little slut in the bedroom. We need to get back to respecting our bodies and making men so curious that even if he isn’t a gentleman he will turn into one for a chance to see what you have to offer under your clothes. I’m so sick of scrolling through social media and seeing black women degrade themselves for likes. The media portrays black women in a negative way and a lot of young black women help them on social media. The question is when did we stop respecting ourselves?


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