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When A Teenage Girl Dresses Too Provocative Who Is To Blame?

We are living in a world where social media is almost a way of life or should I say it’s a lifestyle. Now that celebrities pretty much put their lives on social media our future generation of women are trying to live more and more like them. There was a recent video on The Huff Post Live’s Facebook page of an interview with Tim Gunn who is an educator, author, fashion therapist and mentor. He said in the interview that the antidote to the Kardashians is the “Obama girls because they dress for their age, they dress in a way that for me, is fashionable and sophisticated and they’re not trying to look older than they are, they’re not trying to look younger and of course, they have the best fashion mentor in the world right there with them, their mother.”

I feel that the Kardashians are horrible role models for young women. The youngest of the clan Kylie dresses way to provocative for her age and her mother has no control over her which also sets a bad example for mother daughter relationships. Kim is always posting naked pictures of herself on social media and all of them will do anything for attention….attention whores is what I call them. What is the world coming to when our future young women are looking up to the Kardashians, Amber Rose, Joseline Hernandez, and Black Chyna as role models. They give off the concept that becoming a stripper, posting naked pics, making a sex tape and marrying a rich rapper or ball player is a way to become successful. What ever happened to having women like Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Folorunsho Alakija, Dr. Lisa Lavizzo-Mourey, Rosalind Brewer as role models? The way black women are being portrayed on reality television is giving our future women of tomorrow a delusional false hope of success. Amber Rose has millions of young girls following her and on her page description she calls herself a certified SLUT which is one of the most ignorant things to call yourself. She is preaching that women should be able to dress like a whore, sleep with as many men as they want to and still be considered a respectful woman…..BULLSHIT! Whether you are a man or woman you should always carry yourself in a respectful manner regardless of gender. No one should be screwing every Tom, Dick and Harry just because they feel like it because there are far too many diseases out here in the world and STD’s among young people is spreading rapidly.

Telling young girls that it is okay to be a whore is ludicrous. There used to be a time when women cared about their reputations and demanded respect but the older I get I’m seeing less and less of that. I’m actually seeing women advertise their daughter(s) on social media as if they are a piece of meat! As a mother of a 14 year old daughter I would never buy her clothes that are too revealing or sexy, I make sure that her clothes are age appropriate. I tell her that I’m her mother and she is not to do as I do but what I tell her to do.

This was a post that I posted on Facebook recently:I am not her friend nor do I try to be, she’s not MY confidant but I’m hers, I make sure that I keep it all the way 100 with her because the world we live in isn’t the same when I was her age and if I don’t tell her the truth social media will give her the untruths. I stalk her social media and I know passwords and all. I do random phone checks and bedroom checks. If I didn’t buy it I want to know where it came from. If she brings a new friend around I want to meet their parents. I also check the friends social media and if I get a bad vibe about them that friend becomes ex-friend. She is a very conservative 14 year old right now but when and if she wants to dress provocative I assure you she will be out of my house, buying her own clothes and taking care of herself! When I call her my mini me I’m talking about her resemblance to me and her personality. She’s beautiful inside and out and me and her father are the only people she needs to hear tell her that. When boys tell her that she’s pretty she says I know and I don’t need you to tell me that but thank you anyway She doesn’t need compliments although she’s always being told how pretty she is and she doesn’t have to be half naked for attention. She’s 14 and I would never refer to her as bad and the only thing she better be flaunting is her grades, how she can hit a home run and her hair! If I ever see her on social media doing or wearing anything inappropriate I will put my foot so far up her ass that she will chew on my toes! I know someone personally who escaped sex trafficking and one of the first places they look for prey is social media and some of y’all need to wake up and stop exploiting your daughters! If this post offends you ‪#‎chokeyoself‬

Making sure that your daughter knows the concept of leaving something to the imagination is very important because they will soon grow up to be a woman in society and if you don’t teach them to value themselves I bet my last dollar social media will. We must also realize sex trafficking is real and social media is where these animals look for prey. They can’t do what celebrities do because their not walking around with security when they go out in public like the celebrities are. The parents who buy their teenage daughters provocative clothes are to blame in my opinion because she can see those type of clothes on social media all day long but when a parent goes out and buy those clothes for her it makes it the parents fault.


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