Weave Destroyed Her Hair And Scalp

Hair extensions used to be a simple topic, but now the hair extension trend is bigger than ever and it doesn’t look like it will be going away any time soon. Wearing hair extensions isn’t as simple as it may seem. When you decide to wear hair extensions, you should be very careful with the decision on who you will let install your extensions or you could end up like the women in the videos below.

Sew-ins are beautiful when installed right, but even if you go to a professional to have your extensions installed, you may still experience hair loss as well as hair breakage if you don’t take breaks in between installs. If you experience pain after your extensions are installed, that means it is too tight and you should remove it immediately! Wearing extensions too tight is the same as wearing too tight braids and ponytails which also can cause severe irreversible hair and scalp damage. Damaged hair can be cut off, damaged follicles can’t be cut.

Try breaks in between installs to avoid damaging your hair and scalp. Make sure that your install isn’t installed too tightly. If you can’t lay your head on your pillow without pain, I’m pretty sure your install is too tight and you should inform your hairstylist as soon as possible.

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