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Ty Burden… Fighting For Change

Ty Burden

Ty Burden is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Muse Consulting LLC. She is a native of Mobile, AL. Ty has been a strong advocate for change in the State of Alabama and Mississippi working with several rising politicians. As a strong believer in the power of positive thinking, Ty believes that change comes when people understand that they are the change they seek. Ty’s work experience has positioned her to become a very influential community leader.

Ty began her career in broadcasting as a radio personality with the monicker “Chocolate Ty”. She has spent years working with some of the regions up and coming influencers such as Alexander Shunnarah where she served as the Chief Executive Business Development Officer. She’s worked with several political figures including Organizing (Obama) for America in 2010 helping to re Elect the nation’s first African American President. She has also worked as the public relations specialist for local city council campaigns such as Jermaine Burrell and William Carroll. Ty then set her sights on the State Capital. Ty was hired by Representative Napoleon Bracy Jr. of Alabama and Representative Jeramey Anderson of Mississippi in which she served as campaign manager for both.


TY BURDEN Candidate Anderson, an underdog in the 2013 Mississippi special election to the Mississippi House of Representatives. Ty helped Elect Rep. Jeramey Anderson at the age of 21 in which he became the youngest Mississippi Legislator in State history. Ty now has her sight set on the Mobile County School Board but this time as a candidate herself. Her admitting is driven by the smiling faces of Mobile’s youth and she is committed to ensuring they have the opportunity to shine bright as a diamond.

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