Tips That Will Help You Grow Your Salon Business

Daily habits can go a long way in building a strong sustainable business. Have you ever wondered why some days seemed to go awesome, while others just flopped? Chances are there were specific actions you took on your ‘awesome’ days that you forgot to implement on your days that flopped.

  1. Arrive 15 minutes early – Start your day on the right foot by preparing to receive it. Review your books for the day, check your product inventory, set your station up and just get yourself in the right mindset for serving.

  2. Play a Game – Print your daily schedule and review the clients who are on your books. Add up the services they are scheduled to receive in order to know what your daily totals will be. Then look again. Review each clients services and look for opportunities. Where could you add a gloss, a waxing service, a few highlights, perhaps refer your client to another team member for a service you don’t perform. Don’t just accept your day for what is written. Get creative and play the booking game. You could add another $10 – $100 to your day…wouldn’t that be awesome!

  3. 2 Acts of Kindness – At some point in your day reach out to 2 clients that you’ve not seen in a while. Find out how they are and let them know that you’ve missed them. You may find that a simple act of kindness is the only thing needed to get them back in your business. You have nothing to lose and so much more to gain.

  4. Thank You – Each day take a moment to write a personal HAND WRITTEN thank you note to one client…just because! The appreciation that you extend will pay off in loyalty and retention.

  5. Social Status – Each day be sure to ask your clients to ‘check in’ to your salon. This helps to get your name out there to their friends and family. Be sure to post before and after photos. Don’t forget to tag your client. Go even further and write a tip or share the latest trend. Keep things fresh and in front of your clients.

  6. Track Progress – If you want a fast way to grow your business start MANUALLY tracking your daily sales. I know first hand what happens when a technician begins to personally track…their sales grow. Often by more than 25%. So if you could use a little extra money this week, and next, and next month, set your weekly goals and then start tracking your numbers by hand.

  7. Lend a Hand – When you are not busy you should be helping someone who is. Be generous with your time, be compassionate to others who are running behind, and simply be gracious with your service. Whether you serve a team member or a client you will find that what goes around, comes around. Someday you’ll need the help and others will be more than willing to come to your rescue.

  8. Give Just Because – Once in a while you will feel moved by a clients struggles, problems or situation. When you come to that day, give them your time. (if you are an employee be sure to tell your boss and get permission first!) This doesn’t mean that you become a daily charity, I’m not saying that. But there will be times when you know it’s the right thing to do…when you know that this person really needs to be cared for. That is the joy that we have being in the beauty industry. We can make someone look and feel great…and give just because.

  9. Ask for Referrals – Don’t forget this all important step in building your business. It is simple and often not carried out effectively. Take the time to educate your client on your referral program and then ASK them if they would refer their friends and family. When your client agrees, give them your cards.

  10. Wrap Up – Don’t end your day flying out of the salon and spa and leaving a mess to come back to tomorrow. Take the extra 10-15 minutes to clean up, review the next day and prepare yourself to receive. You’ll find that beginning and ending your day in the same manner helps to ward off any unsuspected problems and it just feels good to be prepared.

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