Tammy White Steele Founder and Executive Director of “Surviving3.6Inc”

Tammy White Steele, is the founder and Executive Director of “Surviving3.6Inc”, a nonprofit organization that she created after losing her oldest daughter Tamara to a senseless act of violence on March 6, 2017. Losing Tamara felt like an unbelievable nightmare. After enduring many sleepless nights, Tammy finally stopped saying this to herself, and instead she chose to pray.

Tammy with her oldest daughter Tamara
Tamara’s son K.J. who Tammy and Eric shares joint custody with his father
Left to right: Tamara, Tammy, Calvin and Tenia

Tammy started working in retail at a very early age, and after many years, she landed a job at a local Assisted Living Community. There she discovered that she had a passion for working with the elderly community.  Mrs. Steele has worked many positions in more than four Nursing and  Assisted Living Communities around Mobile Al. She quickly advanced to Human Resource Director while working at Gordon Oaks and from there, she advanced to work at the Ball Healthcare Corporate Office.  Today she’s employed at Premier Medical in a leadership position.  

Tammy is a daughter, wife, mother, and friend. After going through the worst time of her life, Tammy reconnected with the man that God chose just for her, Eric Steele. Combined, they have six children and nine grandchildren.

Tammy with husband Eric
Tammy with her two children Tenia and Calvin who are very dedicated to “Surviving3.6Inc”


Tammy with the team

“Surviving3.6Inc”, the idea, was born on October 2, 2021 and soon after, Mrs. Steele launched  “Surviving3.6Inc”, the organization. “Surviving3.6Inc” provides compassion, support, and resources that help alleviate stress for mothers who have lost a child, or children from and unexpected tragedy.  When someone experiences trauma or a severe life altering tragedy, it’s not uncommon for their lives to unravel. Tammy found herself unravelling, but with prayer and therapy she’s surviving! Being a survivor turned into a passion of helping mothers who have experienced the same heartache of losing a child or children to an unexpected tragedy.  

Tammy and with team member Erica Flott-Hall
Tammy with Poet Ashley Waller

“Surviving3.6Inc” has a licensed therapist on board who helps mothers find healthy perceptions of themselves, to feel peaceful, complete, whole and safe–during the hardest times of their lives.  “Surviving3.6Inc” also assists with the cost of burial and grave markers to help alleviate some of the stress from families during a difficult time. 

Tenia, Tammy and Mya
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