Keep Your Legs Closed To Married Men!

Ex-Bills tight end Buster Barnett’s mistress kills his wife then herself So this side chic thing has really gotten out of control! You know it’s out of control when people damn near 50 years old are caught up in side chic mess! Ladies if you are contemplating getting involved with a married man you need to know your place as a side chic. Please be … Continue reading Keep Your Legs Closed To Married Men!

Why Men Cheat….Are They All Cheaters?

Is there any men out there who doesn’t cheat on their significant other? Some say no and some say yes and we are trying to determine the answer. It seems as if it doesn’t matter how beautiful, sexy, talented, smart or fine a woman is she isn’t exempt from being cheated on by her man. Why do men cheat? We all know why most women … Continue reading Why Men Cheat….Are They All Cheaters?

What’s Your Favorite Position?

Try One of These Super Hot Sex Positions Tonight! Sex Position of the Week The Octopus Easy enough for any couple, the Octopus puts her at just the right angle for the deep penetration many women crave The key is making sure that you start nice and slow, and to let him know when he’s hitting that perfect spot. What’s New Best First Time Anal … Continue reading What’s Your Favorite Position?


Done between the right people, for the right reasons, opening-up your relationship sexually won’t create any issues that can’t be easily overcome. First, you have to be the right type of person. This means that you and your spouse are the kind of people that can separate love from sex; you don’t feel that because you lust someone that you are in love with them. … Continue reading “Threesomes”