Keep Your Legs Closed To Married Men!

Ex-Bills tight end Buster Barnett's mistress kills his wife then herself So this side chic thing has really gotten out of control! You know it's out of control when people damn near 50 years old are caught up in side chic mess! Ladies if you are contemplating getting involved with a married man you need … Continue reading Keep Your Legs Closed To Married Men!


Staying Friends With An Ex: The Only 5 Reasons You Should Do It

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After a breakup, should you stay friends with your ex? Or is it better to part ways for good? We’ve got the answers! Find out.

Staying friends after a major breakup is hard for almost every couple. For many (OK, most), it’s best to just break all ties and cut off contact with an ex. It’s the most effective way to get over him — or her — so that you can move on. But, are there any instances where you can and should stay friends? Of course! Here’s five reasons you and your ex should stay friends.

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Why Men Cheat….Are They All Cheaters?

Is there any men out there who doesn't cheat on their significant other? Some say no and some say yes and we are trying to determine the answer. It seems as if it doesn't matter how beautiful, sexy, talented, smart or fine a woman is she isn't exempt from being cheated on by her man. … Continue reading Why Men Cheat….Are They All Cheaters?