The Beauty Of A Mistake

By: Clay Cofield Here is the inevitable reality, all of us are going to make a mistake. Sooner or later, we are going to do something that is going to upset our existence. Not only is it going to upset us, but even those that are around us. I do not believe it is our intent to disrupt the flow of peace and tranquility. We … Continue reading The Beauty Of A Mistake


By Apostle Clay Cofield A doubt is a feeling of uncertainty or a lack of conviction.  How many times in our lives have we stepped out in faith to do something, but then that “feeling” came. You know the feeling of failure that haunts every victory we were supposed to have. So based on a feeling, we let go of our dreams, hopes and aspirations. … Continue reading DOUBT YOUR DOUBTS


Why me? Probably one of the most thought about questions in the human mind. The typical response to that by someone astute is, Why not you?. As if that really resolves the question you have held onto for decades. Why me then becomes the catalyst for sleepless nights and pretend to be happy outings. It becomes the invisible weight that we carry around like groceries. … Continue reading THE JOY OF BEING OVERLOOKED