Lazy Girl Hair Hacks

As a self-professed “lazy girl,” formal events and special occasions can be more fuss and preparation than is ideal. Whether you’re preparing for a wedding or getting ready for a fancy date night, we’d like to skip right to the dancing and laughing, without hours spent styling. Can you still be lazy, even when you have a special occasion? With these easy hair hacks, we’ll … Continue reading Lazy Girl Hair Hacks

Hairstyle Of The Week

 This cut is everything! Just looking at the photo makes me smile. I love it when a woman is bold and walks in a salon and says these two words… “Cut It”. This cut and style is the work of Donte Jeffery from Dallas Texas @dontejeffery. Asymmetrical cuts will always stay in style, it’s something about the asymmetrical cut that screams sexy!    Continue reading Hairstyle Of The Week