Master Hairstylist Brandon Stefan

             BRANDONStefan BrandonStefan is a gifted and talented Master Stylist, who hails from Raleigh, NC, and who has been at the forefront of this creative industry for over 22 years. BrandonStefan believes that his Faith in God has allowed him to flourish as a Master Stylist, and has propelled him forward in his field, … Continue reading Master Hairstylist Brandon Stefan

The Next Cut At The Barbershop Should Be The Occupational Licensing Red Tape — Bossip

The Illinois state law that would apply to the fictional Calvin Palmer Jr. requires would-be barbers to first acquire an occupational license, pass an exam, and spend 1,500 hours in training that can cost as much as $20,000. For perspective, $31,000 is the median annual earnings of an Illinois barber. This sad situation doesn’t make… via … Continue reading The Next Cut At The Barbershop Should Be The Occupational Licensing Red Tape — Bossip

Scissors with seasons – Give you hair attention.

Cuts for Him

As the weather gets warmer, time to reduce the hair on your head, trim the sideburns, and clip the beard for a polished and fresh look.

Getting a haircut by your favourite barber/stylist is just one aspect of grooming most men take for granted, especially if it is done regularly. We actually forget the value a haircut adds to our look until it goes wrong. For the most part, all we have to do is show up, sit in a chair and relax whiles the barber does all the work. But does this mean we cannot up our grooming game by learning a thing or two about our hair?

Woodhouse clothing in-house barbershop, Notting hill, London.

Haircuts are very essential and have the potential to add extra confidence and panache to a man’s look. Not only does the right haircut make you feel good, it has the ability of setting…

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