The Release of Drexina Nelson’s Society Industry Book

The Beauty Industry Applauds the Release of Drexina Nelson’s Society Industry Book Renowned beauty editorial photographer Drexina Nelson unveiled her inaugural edition of the Society Industry Book to celebrate and memorialize the works of underrecognized, extraordinary beauty artists The cover of The Society Industry Book by Drexina Nelson, unveiled at the official Reveal Party on … Continue reading The Release of Drexina Nelson’s Society Industry Book

Tips That Will Help You Grow Your Salon Business

Daily habits can go a long way in building a strong sustainable business. Have you ever wondered why some days seemed to go awesome, while others just flopped? Chances are there were specific actions you took on your ‘awesome’ days that you forgot to implement on your days that flopped. Arrive 15 minutes early – Start … Continue reading Tips That Will Help You Grow Your Salon Business

Lace Wigs….Are They Dangerous?

Actress Countess Vaughn appeared on the Doctor's television show a while back and here's what she had to say.... After a five-year long love affair with the hair pieces that require constant application of wig glue to stay in place, Countess realized that she had developed a severe scalp infection. But because she couldn't accept … Continue reading Lace Wigs….Are They Dangerous?

What Is A Professional Cosmetologist?

Many people have asked this question and the answer in my opinion will always be the same. Let me first five you the textbook answer to the question.....What is a professional hairstylist? Cosmetologists are expanded into multiple fields including cutting and chemically treating hair, chemical hair removal without a sharp blade, fashion trends, wigs, nails … Continue reading What Is A Professional Cosmetologist?

Suspecting pattern baldness? – Consult doctor for treatment

Hair transplant Manhattan

Baldness is a universal problem faced by men and women at a certain age. However, where age is natural reason of losing tresses, many unnatural instigators can play significant roles to your per-matured baldness. It can be a health issue, stress, imbalanced hormone, nutrition deficiency or even over styling instigate follicles to shade hairs before time. Anyway, it’s heredity that is behind maximum balding cases. As per doctors genetics causes pattern baldness that’s can be treated by surgical treatment only.


  • How do you know if you are facing pattern baldness?

In pattern baldness you start losing your hairs around your crown area. The frontal hairline is typically characterized by an “M” shaped pattern that grows into a “U” shape over the time. If you are witnessing something like that, consult a doctor for being diagnosed properly. If the specialists find a sign of pattern baldness, they may suggest hair transplant…

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