Cancer prevention – some simple steps

By: Rajan K May 06, 2018 09:51pm Dr. Guruprasad Reddy B V, OSH STATE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY MOSCOW, RUSSIA says no one should die of cancer. He suggested simple tips to prevent cancer : Drinking hot lemon water can prevent cancer. Don’t add sugar. Hot lemon water is more beneficial than cold lemon water. Both … Continue reading Cancer prevention – some simple steps

Who is Dr. Sebi And Why Should You Know Him

Dr. Sebi, founder of Dr. Sebi’s Research Institute. For over 28 years, the institute has been successful in curing diseases deemed “incurable” by modern medicine. Through our methodology, A.I.D.S., Sickle Cell Anemia, Lupus, Diabetes, Arthritis, Cancers, Leukemia, Herpes, Epilepsy, Fibroid Tumors, and a host of other diseases have been successfully reversed. At this time, I … Continue reading Who is Dr. Sebi And Why Should You Know Him