Speak Lord

We live in a society that carries so many voices it is becoming harder and harder to hear God. The most important voice that we should be attentive to is now taking a back seat to Tic Tok, Instagram and Facebook. So instead of opening our bibles and spending time with God we are online scrolling for hours. I want to encourage you to realize that direction, instruction, and admonishment does not come from these. I am not saying to not look and enjoy but I am saying to assess how much of your time is being consumed by these entertaining mediums. Here is the bottom line, entertainment does not bring resolve. It is designed to appease moments and to satisfy for you for the moment. It is not the answer. Realizing that we allow these mediums to speak to us we drown out God’s voice. In this hour God is speaking and change is being wrought. I need you to set aside time with God and say speak to me Lord. Speak to me until my mind is made up. Speak to me until I am convicted to serve you. Speak to me until I become your hands and feet in the earth. Our ears are open to you Lord. We are listening………Please send me a message and tell me what HE SAYS. Claycofield@gmail.com