SheWear,LLC Celebration with SheEO Cher’Don Reynolds

Head2Toe Magazine and Entertainment had the opportunity to attend the She Wear Celebration on Sunday July 23, 2017. The event was held at Kupcukerie in East Point, Ga.

Publisher and Editor and Chief Keisa Stewart-Rucker with SheEo of She Wear,LLC Cher’Don Reynolds

It was exciting to attend an event that was hosted by Cher’Don Reynolds the SheEo of She Wear,LLC. We have watched this Queen build her brand from scratch and on her journey to success she aspires to inspire other women and she also doesn’t mind helping other Queens straighten their crowns. Some women in this crazy world that we all share seem to get a kick out of tearing other women down just to make themselves seem superior or better than the next woman, but Cher’Don is far from that. Empowering and uplifting others is a trait that we wish so many other women would embrace, (now wouldn’t that make a better world for us to live in) well at least we know one woman who has that trait and she carries it so eloquently, and that woman is Cher’Don. We were honored to be invited to the SheWear Celebration and we would like to say thank you for including us in helping you celebrate other women while celebrating the launch of the SheWear Club. Looking forward to many more events to come!

SheEo of She Wear,LLC Cher’Don Reynolds

Cher’Don wrote in her press release:

My mission is to empower, uplift and inspire women of all ages. So often we as women get caught up in the stigma and stereotypes that women don’t support women. It’s my belief that if we simply start with how we view ourselves we can change how we see each other. I always refer to all women as Queens. I find that the first time or two I say “Queen” to a woman they’re not sure how to react. We have become accustom to being called every other than a child of God that we don’t know what words of love and affirmation sound like; in turn don’t know how to receive them from another.

We don’t believe or know that we are deserving of this title because many of us spend our lives giving love to our children, spouse and family that we have forgotten to love on ourselves. The joy I find in calling another woman a Queen is that by the second or third time I say it, it has become contagious and it’s her natural reaction to say it back. This is why the club was created.

As Queens we wear many hats and I simply want to make sure you know that someone gets it, cares and will help you adjust your crown making sure that it never falls off. The T-Shirt Club offer monthly T-Shirts of affirmation and a why to make a true “fashion statement”. I’m also about sisterhood, knowing that there are other women that are apart of something that is about bringing us together. We will host meet and greets, highlight SheEO’s from the club monthly in our newsletter, offer oppourtunities for business exposure and so much more. If one Queen wins we all win so let’s create and be apart of the Village. My message and mission is simple but it truly requires all hands in”. Will you join me?

Here are more images from the event below: