Schenika Quattlebaum and Dana Hicks-Hungerford to launch the all new inspirational Underdog Tour

HYATTSVILLE, MD—Schenika Quattlebaum, the founder and CEO of the wildly popular Natalia Me’Gan Hair And Beauty company, is joining with Washington, DC playwright, actress, community advocate, and entrepreneur Dana Hicks-Hungerford to launch the all-new, inspirational Underdog Tour, set to begin this October. This important series of motivational talks, in various cities and towns around the country, will impress upon attendees of all ages and backgrounds, the life-changing value of being aware of their self-worth, and that the path forward starts from within.

Mrs. Quattlebaum and Mrs. Hicks-Hungerford will emphasize that the accoutrements of wealth or influence, such as high-end accessories, fancy jewelry, or pricey fashions, are not always the definitive tools for growth and advancement they are often portrayed to be. Both women will share instead, their powerful stories of overcoming seemingly insurmountable life challenges, to achieve through perseverance and self-confidence, their stunning success in business and the arts. 

Facing such formidable obstacles as domestic violence, struggles with addiction, surviving rape and life-threatening illnesses, Schenika Quattlebaum and Dana Hicks-Hungerford vividly demonstrate how they, too, were once underdogs who defied the odds to triumph over great adversity. They’re ready to impart their wisdom with attendees from far and wide, giving everyone the tools they need to renew their sense of purpose, prevail over the hurdles they may encounter, and emerge as the best version of the person God has always created them to be!

Schenika Quattlebaum founded Natalia Me’Gan Beauty in 2018, and since then, the company has evolved to become a wildly popular line of exquisite beauty products that can be found on The brand had been featured extensively on television and in major periodicals, including FOX 5 DC, ABC-TV, Essence Magazine, NBC 25 TV, In Touch, and, just to name a few. In addition, Ms. Quattlebaum has become a major fashion industry presence, sponsoring Baltimore Fashion Week, Lulu Of GiGi at NYFW and LAFW, and the Black Media Honors.  She was featured in the July 2022 issue of Entrepreneurs Herald Magazine, as one of the Top 30 Women entrepreneurs to Take Inspiration from In 2022.

Dana Hicks-Hungerford is a prominent Washingtonian whose devotion to her community and the arts is eloquently displayed by her theatrical works, community service, and business acumen. As the co-founder of Hungerford Distribution and Director of Marketing for Hungerford Real Estate And Development, Ms. Hungerford works to enhance the well-being of her neighbors and the city at large. Her recent stage play, A Woman’s Love, was performed before two sold-out audiences at historic Bethesda Blues & Jazz Supper Club. In addition, Ms. Hicks-Hungerford co-founded the trendsetting You Make the Bag accessory line in late 2021, extending her marketing savvy to the fashion world. As an actress, she has appeared on TV One, ID Channel, Boss2 Movie, and on stage in Confessions Of A Side Chick, The GIZ, and Family Affair to packed houses at venues such as the famous Lincoln Theater and MGM National Harbor.

Dates, times, and locations for TheUnderdog Tourwill be announced soon.