Popular Hair Clamp Brand Releases New CLEAR Accessory to Easily Camouflage with All Hair Colors

The PuffCuff® launches the PuffCuff® CLEAR to easily blend with a variety of hair colors for naturally curly textures

Click here to watch the “Tres Hombres Featuring the NEW PuffCuff Clear” launch video!

March 15, 2019 (Marietta, GA) — If one PuffCuff® color wasn’t enough to work its magic as a tension and pain-free styling accessory for natural hair textures, a colorless PuffCuff® would be the next best thing, and for good reason. Set to launch on March 15th, the PuffCuff® CLEAR aims to magically camouflage with a variety of hair colors and will be sold exclusively at www.thePuffCuff.com.

This is the first time that the company is releasing a new color. The decision to do so was made in acknowledgment of the fact that PuffCuff® users have hair that comes in all colors, lengths, textures, and densities, and the original PuffCuff® can handle it all. However, the new, clear model will create a more low-profile, seamless look for those with lighter and brighter hair colors. It makes an excellent alternative for those whose hair color does not match with the black color of the original model. Plus, thanks to the lightweight, high impact-resistant ABS plastic used to make the PuffCuff® CLEAR, it is very durable and designed with a contoured fit for a comfortable experience.

“The PuffCuff’s customers have always loved our original model, which is an easy-to-use, simple hair clip that creates a variety of stylish updos, buns, afro puffs, and ponytail styles for naturally curly and kinky hair textures. Unlike elastic bands, it styles hair without breaking, snagging, ripping hair out, or causing a headache,” says PuffCuff® Founder, Ceata Lash. “However, the black color of our original model made it not as visually appealing when worn by our customers with silver, blonde, red and a variety of other hair colors.  So, we’re super excited to finally introduce the PuffCuff® CLEAR as the solution for a more seamlessly, blending hair device that simultaneously offers a healthier styling option to the elastic hair band.”

Since its inception, PuffCuff® has not only gained an online cult following of thousands of fans who sing its praises, but it has been featured in many major media outlets, including Allure, NaturallyCurly.com, Marie Claire Magazine and Black Enterprise, to name a few. The original PuffCuff® is gaining major traction as one of the beauty world’s must-have hair accessories, so it’s only a matter of time before the PuffCuff® CLEAR becomes a fan-favorite too.