By: Apostle Clay Cofield

One of the greatest problems that I see with people in general is that they are not suffering from a lack of vision or goals. They are suffering from not knowing how to pace themselves. It does not matter if you are trying to achieve a goal or accomplish a huge task. If you do not learn the simple art of pacing yourself, you will burn out inevitably. Realizing that you are a limited resource and there is only so much strength you have stored up. Expending that energy on needless task is not your assignment. I want you to reassess how and what you are doing. Recognizing your limitations and red flags are crucial in this next season to attaining your dreams. Without a clear knowledge of knowing when your mind and body have had enough you will never become successful. The moment you are cognizant of how much pressure and weight you can manage you become more effective. Breathe, I promise you that slowing down can speed up the process of what you are dealing with. Make every moment count!!! I BELIEVE IN YOU!!!!