New Age Television

Have you noticed how television has changed from the 80’s & 90’s until now?

Growing up in the 80’s & 90’s you can really see the difference from 80’s& 90’s television compared to television today.We used to love all the sitcoms that came on television back then, The messages we get from sitcoms now aren’t nearly the same. Shows like the Cosby Show, A Different World, Full House, Step By Step, Living Single, Martin, Moesha, Growing Pains, last but not least In Living Color all the shows that made us laugh,cry,mad,sad but always had a positive ending to what could have been a terrible situation.

For the children who had no father figure could go to those sitcoms and find one. The sitcoms made black education a big deal,gave a positive outlook on African American families, and proved that black men could be more than thugs,gangsters,  and unfit fathers.All the shows are not just African American,They all gave off good vibes and taught us lessons on telling fibs, fighting against bullies given us clean respectful advice on sex and peer pressure. I’ll give a few examples:

A Different World this sitcom let all of us know how having an education could open unbelievable doors it also taught us about speaking out on peer pressure from sex or drugs last but not least to speak up for people who are afraid to speak out on things of the above nature. The sitcom showed us how to accept people from different back grounds and how not to judge a book by it’s cover.

The Cosby Show,This sitcom gave us that father figure who was gonna get on you about your grades made sure you knew how great you were and reminding you that family is everything.In this sitcom you see an African American family middle class,mother a Lawyer father,a hard working Doctor with five children at home,taking care of the whole family with no complaints.The Cosby family did not always have happy times trials came it was just solved a lot differently than we would see it handled on television today.When Bill would argue with his wife she wasn’t a bitch or hoe and he didn’t leave to get in bed with another women. “The good old days” For those who had a loud explosive child hoods it showed you another outlook on family life the sitcoms gave us hope for a better future something better than what we were living in.

Family Matters gave us around the same basic tips the other sitcoms did but it  also taught us a lot about treating people respectfully and accepting people for who they.We learned that being smart could be cool and how sometimes the nerd wins and the popular kid has to fall back, Family Matters related to the exact audience it was created for.

Now and days anything goes on television no bleeps when cursing almost no more cover ups on breast. Really anything is seen on  television now and days. There are no need for sex talks anymore because our children probably can tell us more about it then we could tell our parents when we were their age. Not all the blame goes on the television it’s our obligation to know what we allow the kids to watch,basically monitoring what they watch. Our sons are not feeling worthy if their not sailing drugs with money,cars,women,and last but not least a record.Our daughters don’t feel beautiful in their own skin anymore unless they look just like the girls on television. The young women of today will never understand the beauty in self love,worth and get to see how women used to glorify being different from the lady standing next to her rather fat,small,short or tall they embraced it and showed us as young women to do the same. Like I said from the start the television is different. Wouldn’t we love to have those sitcoms back.

Jessica B.K.A. JTalk