Mind Your Business

By Apostle Clay Cofield

If I could tell you the number of people who have spent half of their lives worrying about what others are thinking about them. The people who could not focus on the goals that were set for themselves because they had to try an appease others.

The numbers are astronomical because individuals choose not to “MIND” their business. Do you know how much time you have wasted not staying the course of your own vision. I want you to look back over the last 30 days of every opportunity you could have spent 15 minutes on your vision. What could you have accomplished? What calls could you have made? What meetings could have already been done?. I want you to make your mind today to “MIND” your business!!!!

I want you to be determined that nothing will interfere with the goals that you are setting for yourself this year. I want you to take one goal at a time and get it done. Do not set several and only halfway do everything. Look at one, decide what it is going to take to get it done and do it!!!

This year you are going to “MIND” your business. That means it is going to take all of your energy to fulfill the vision. I am not saying that you can not help anyone else. I am just saying that you are the priority and others need to know it.