Marie Holmes

Marie Holmes made headlines when she won a $188 million lottery in February. A single mother of four, Holmes, 26, has faced criticism for standing by her man, Lamarr McDow, who is allegedly in a gang and was arrested on drug charges.

According to WWAY in North Carolina, Holmes recently posted a $6 million bail for McDow who was arrested for violating his initial bond agreement by having drugs and a weapon. McDow was initially arrested in November after being caught with 8,000 bags of heroin. Holmes posted a $3 million bail for McDow in March.

McDow has an extensive criminal record with convictions for assault on a female and drug possession.

Holmes has faced backlash on social media from people who believe she is making a poor decision by staying with McDow. She was recently arrested on marijuana charges after police raided her home in search of McDow,

Holmes went on Facebook to address her critics by writing, “What y’all need to be worried about is y’all money and not how I spend mine this is benefiting y’all how? And no he’s no drug dealer or user but who are y’all to judge anybody? I will definitely pray for y’all because it’s much need [sic] … they talked about Jesus so I’m not surprised y’all are talking about me but be blessed though.”


Photo Credit: ABC News
Photo Credit: ABC News

What Ms. Holmes doesn’t realize is that people aren’t actually judging her, we are giving hard core facts! She is a mother of four and she spent $9 million dollars on bail money for a man who will probably end up in prison anyway so that $9 million is gone down the drain. Marie, Marie, Marie! He had 8,000 bags of heroin so he’s going to prison girl! We can see if he didn’t have a long history of crime and gang affiliation but he does and we hate to say this but you were very foolish hun.