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Why do we say this? The beauty industry is such a big part of our every day lives and it is all around us. Every single day when we wake up to start the day, we are doing some type of beauty regime. We are using some type of beauty product. When we turn on the television we see people who have been touched by a beauty industry professional, a hairstylist, barber, nail technician, makeup artist etc. The entertainment industry needs the beauty industry because no matter what you are wearing, if your hair isn’t right, the overall look isn’t right.

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Our directory is where you will find beauty industry professionals such as hairstylist, barbers, nail techs, makeup artist, photographers, estheticians, fashion stylists and designers. In our directory you will also find up and coming music artists, producers, music studios, videographers and film makers. Why? All entertainers need beauty industry professionals, so we are connecting them in one place.

Celebrity Hair Trends

We all know that celebrities have always been the top trendsetters when it comes to hair and fashion, so why not create a page for our favorite celebrity hairstyles? You know our motto right? There is no red carpet without the beauty industry, no matter what you’re wearing on the red carpet if your hair isn’t right the entire look isn’t right…….Come back often to see what hair styles the celebrities are rocking.

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