Hair Units For Men, Is It The New Trend?

Men Wearing Hair Units

As I scroll Instagram, I’m seeing more and more men wearing hair units. One day I decided to read the comments under one barbers post. I couldn’t believe how many black women were bashing the men for wearing a unit! Am I crazy to think that the women bashing the men who wear hair units are hypocrites? How can the same group of women who spend thousands of dollars on hair extensions, fake eyelashes, fake nails, fake teeth, fake breast and fake butts dare to bash a man who is experiencing premature hair loss and finally found something that has boosted his ego? Isn’t that why women alter their bodies? Isn’t that why women wear hair extensions?

Men experience low self esteem just like women do. Men love their hair just like women do. The difference in many cases of male pattern baldness, is that most men who are experiencing hair loss it is because of hereditary. Most women who are experiencing hair loss, it is due to wearing tight braids, bad chemicals, improperly installs and stress. Hmmm….all of these reasons are preventable!

I’m happy that there is something made for men that will boost self esteem and make them feel like themselves again. Can you imagine having hair your entire life and all of a sudden you look in the mirror one day and it’s gone? Hair loss is a stressful experience and just because it’s a man who is experiencing it, doesn’t mean that it’s not stressful for him. If it makes someone feel better, I’m all for it!

One of the best things about the man units is the joy that it gives to the boys who are suffering from alopecia. To see a young man or little boy who has been teased receive a unit and the smile that they have after looking in the mirror is amazing!

There are some barbers out here changing lives! Go ahead and follow the barbers that are in this post, you will be absolutely amazed.