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Goodbye Lil’Mama, Hello Fabulous

By: Paige Brown

I think we all remember Lil’ Mama, “My lip gloss is poppin’, my lip gloss is cool!” Reallly, who doesn’t remember that song?!

When we first saw Lil’ Mama or Niatia Kirkland come up in the Hip Hop and R&B, her style was very tomboyish. She was rocking slightly baggy jeans, graphic tees, a hoodie and sneakers. Sneakers were always her favorite part of any outfit, just an FYI if anyone didn’t know. This year alone, Lil’ Mama has had the biggest glow up ever! She traded in her sneakers and hoodies for a pair of stilettos and a glamorous dress, a complete 360 if I do say so myself.

Her stylists Tyler Mann and Michael Mann have elevated her style to what we would call a Wow factor. The rebranding of her image has everyone noticing her and how beautiful she is. All those haters that were saying something about her earlier on in her career just got real quiet. Who are we to say that change isn’t always a bad thing? In Niatia’s case it has been working out in her favor. Her lip gloss isn’t the only thing that’s poppin’ anymore, her style is too.

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