Forgive Us

Apostle Clay Cofield

We have not been the church that you read about or believed. We have not been the house of healing or the water for thirsty. We, the church, have not exemplified the meaning of the true gospel. At best, we have been a watered-down version of what you had hope in. For that, I must apologize. Because I was a apart of that process. I too got discouraged and tired. I let go of the reigns and just started accepting life as it happened. I will not take the route of I am only human, or we all make mistakes. All I can do is pick up from here, dust myself off and put my hand on the plow. While others will forge ahead my desire is to go back and get the ones we lost. It was never their fault, it was ours. For this very reason I am sorry. I look forward to mending those broken places and building those bridges. You matter to God and therefore you matter to me.