Finding A New Hairstylist

Finding a hair stylist can be difficult, but don’t lose hope. Here’s how you can find the right hair salon for you.

Recently in our salon we’ve been hearing horror stories of color gone wrong or cuts so uneven that hats are donned in shame. The victims frantically search for someone to rescue them, and the stylists wonder why they never hear from that client again.

It’s a lose-lose scenario, and it explains why some people cling to their stylists and follow them from salon to salon. It also explains the feeling of panic that people have when they find out that their stylist is moving away, taking a pregnancy leave or returning to school to pursue a different profession.

Finding a new stylist is difficult, but one is out there waiting to be found, and here are some tips to help you discover the right one for you.

Research salons

First, research the salons in your area and find one that matches your taste. Do you like things casual and comfy, upscale and sophisticated or trendy and modern?

Usually you’ll find that the stylists working at a particular salon fit into the same mold as the salon, so this is a good measure of what to expect. Also keep in mind that pricier salons attract more experienced stylists, use better products and may have more to offer in terms of service.

You do get what you pay for, and though a budget haircut may suit your needs, if you’re image conscious, be prepared to pay for a quality service.

Read reviews

Next, check the reviews of the salon. Perhaps the review mentions a specific stylist and you like what the reviewer says, but maybe not. Either way, you need to go to the salon website or Facebook page, look at the pictures of the stylists if they have any and read the comments.

Choose a stylist that looks good to you, and book an appointment for a consultation. Consultations are most often free. At the consultation, you’ll get a feel for the stylist and what he or she can do.

Ask to see a portfolio or a look book of styles that person has done, and tell him or her what you’d like. Be careful about giving the stylist too little information. The stylist needs to know about you as much as you need to know about the stylist.

Interview hairstylists

Solicit suggestions about the kind of haircut or color selection that would suit your face shape, skin tone and lifestyle. Even if you just want to keep the style you have, it will give you an idea of how the stylist thinks and the kind of styles with which he or she is most comfortable. In our experience, most problems occur when there is a large gap between what the client wants and what the stylist can deliver.

Also discuss how the stylist approaches working on a special hair type, such as coarse, wiry, curly or baby-fine hair. Every stylist has a comfort zone, and the consultation is the time to find out whether you’ve found the stylist that knows about your specials needs and enjoys working with your hair type.

If you are unsure, don’t be afraid to tell the stylist that you want to think about things before making a decision. Also don’t be afraid to schedule a consultation with more than one stylist, even at the same salon. It’s your hair and your right to choose.

In the end, you should make an appointment with the stylist who works in a nice environment, who listens to you carefully, who understands how to work with your hair type, who is congenial and fun to be around and who gives you a feeling of confidence in his or her ability. Reference:http://www.angieslist.com/articles/how-find-good-hairstylist.htm

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