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Fashion 2017

Fashion…Where is it now?

Fashion seems to have taken on a mind of its on, meaning that almost everyone considers themselves fashionable now days. It may be true in some sort of way because if you have your own taste in fashion then you are fashionable whether anyone likes your style or not as log as your’re happy and comfortable! Now to some degree outfits now days can be a bit much especially when people don’t know their body type or how to dress age appropriate. Fashion is everywhere and now it’s right at your finger tips via social media. You don’t have to look far and wide anymore for that perfect outfit, now all you have to do is search a couple of hashtags to find what you are looking for. Cost isn’t a factor anymore when it comes to looking fly and fabulous. Now no matter what your budget is you can be a fashionista or the fly guy…wait does anyone still use fly to describe fashion attire, if not you get the point.

What’s Trending Now

Layers, layers and more layers! We are absolutely in love with this trend because it can be so versatile.


The Classic by Lovely Pepa
The Classic by Lovely Pepa

See what we mean when we say this style is so versatile! Whether a casual date night or a busy work week at the office this look will surly work for anyone.

Jackets and Coats

We just love the Fall and the Winter because the greatest outfit piece is a jacket or coat! Jackets can be dressed up or down to give you that super fly look. The new bomber jackets are just what they say…The Bomb! (we know that was extra corny but you get the point lol)

jackets-5bomber-jackets jackets-6jackets-4 jackets-2 jackets-3jackets7

All photos are from Pinterest if you are interested in any of these items.

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