Wearing Makeup While Working Out Can Be Deadly To Your Skin

We are now living in the age of slayage….Don’t know what that means? Let me help you understand…..

Social media has caused the younger generation of women to believe that no matter where they go or what activity they are involved in, they have to slay. Slayage or slay means to look amazing effortlessly, but unfortunately most young women think that in order to slay they have to wear thick coats of makeup to look and feel beautiful. Spending hours in the mirror covering up their natural beauty. Unknowingly setting up their skin to look old and worn by the time that they are 30.

Now that I’ve added my two cents, let’s look into what makeup does to the skin while wearing it while working out……

Article 1 from InStyle Magazine: SAMANTHA FARAGALLI  (http://www.instyle.com/news/ok-exercise-wear-makeup-gym-workout)

Have you wondered whether exercising with makeup on is really bad for your skin or if it’s totally fine to look extra glam at the gym? We sought out Whitney Bowe, M.D. and Neal Schultz, M.D., an N.Y.C. dermatologist, host of DermTV.com and creator of BeautyRx by Dr. Schultz to find out.

Bowe recommends always removing any and all makeup traces before a workout. “Makeup forms a barrier on your skin covering your pores, and when working out, your makeup mixes with oil and perspiration, which in turn congests your skin and prevents those pores from being able to release sweat,” she tells InStyle. “When you work out, your pores and sweat glands open up in order to cool down your body—wearing a full face of makeup can block your pores and glands, hindering your skin’s ability to breathe, which in turn can result in breakouts, blackheads and skin irritation.”

If you work out makeup-free, there are essential skin care steps to take during your workout. “Be sure to have a clean towel so you can pat your face instead of rubbing it dry,” Schultz tells InStyle. According to Schultz, if you’ve washed your face prior to working out, then you only need to splash your face with water and pat it dry after the workout—no soap necessary.

If makeup is worn to the gym, there are important factors to consider to effectively protect your skin. Like for instance, sweat-proof makeup does not make a difference. “When sweat is mixed with makeup (no matter what type of makeup), it creates an ideal environment for acne,” Bowe tells InStyle. When it comes to deciphering which type of makeup is worse to wear, Bowe adds that foundation is a big no-no. However, eye makeup tends to be composed of heavy waxes and oils, therefore if it smears on the skin around the eye, it could potentially lead to clogged pores. If you can’t resist wearing makeup, Bower suggests opting for an oil-free, lightweight foundation or BB cream, a lip balm or Chapstick and waterproof, silicone-based mascara.

In addition, if you’ve chosen to wear makeup while working out, then it’s crucial to cleanse tone and exfoliate your skin immediately after. “Use a cleanser sufficient to remove not only the surface dirt and oil, but all of your makeup,” Schultz adds. “To make sure that there’s no residual left and that all of the cleanser has been removed, use a toner or astringent afterwards.” To further force out any remaining oil clogs, dead cells, makeup, dirt or air pollution that are a result of face-touching during a workout, Schultz recommends using a 7- or 8-percent glycolic solution or pad.

Article 2 from Vogue: (http://www.vogue.co.uk/article/why-wearing-make-up-to-work-out-exercise-is-bad-for-skin)

We all know that wearing make-up whilst exercising is bad for our skin, so why do we still see gyms full of women wearing full faces of carefully-applied cosmetics? Mascara is one thing – though beware, you may find it running down your cheeks by the end of the session – but with foundation and powder you risk blocking pores and congesting skin that really needs to be able to sweat, sweat, sweat.

Thomas recommends preparing for a workout by cleansing the skin, then either leaving it bare or applying a light serum suitable for your skin type which will penetrate quickly – a heavier product will just sweat off.

Article 3 from https://www.livestrong.com/slideshow/562050-dos-and-donts-of-wearing-make-up-while-working-out/#slide=11

If you want a look that’s clean but polished, focus on your eyebrows and lips. “A polished brow can do wonders for the face,” Babaian says. “So just very lightly fill wherever they’re sparse.” And to keep your brows from changing shape dramatically during your workout, apply a little bit of sheer hair wax or sheer water-resistent lip balm.” To finish the look, Babaian suggests adding a little bit of tinted lip color to the lips. “Stains or balms work well,” she says. When the brows are polished and the lips have a hint of tint, the look is natural and undetectable, but still pretty and polished.

Definitely do not use lip liner. “Lip liner will look totally dated and crazy,” says Babaian. And lip glosses, especially if worn when working out in the sun, can plasticize and burn the lips. Glosses are also impractical because errant hair or debris in the air can get stuck to your lips. And since working up a sweat encourages blood flow and a natural, healthy flush to the skin, there’s no need for faux blush.

After any workout, it’s crucial to cleanse your skin. Why? According to Babaian, “Whatever cosmetics you have on, they can combine with the sweat and contribute to a breeding ground for bacteria.” Bacteria can lead to blackheads, congestion, irritation and serious acne. Babaian recommends having a face wash or a scrub in your gym bag and using it before you leave. If your skin is sensitive, she recommends cleansing twice with a gentle cream or oil-based cleanser. If your skin handles exfoliation well, use a mild exfoliator with enzymes or warm water and a washcloth to clear dead skin cells, makeup and debris from your pores.


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