By Apostle Clay Cofield
Spiritual Counselor

Apostle Clay Cofield

One of the greatest mistakes that we could ever make in life is for us to lie to our truth. I know you are probably wondering well what does he mean by that; let me explain. Life has a way of taking us into realities that we really do not want to deal with. So instead of facing the facts of what is really happening in our lives, we tell ourselves a different reality. We make it palatable if you will. No matter the dysfunction or chaos, we find a way to make it alright. What makes it even worse is that we learn to accept it as a norm and adjust our lives accordingly. Today, literally right now, I want to challenge that “truth”. I submit to you the word of God. You were supposed to have life and life more abundantly. If this is not your actual truth then what you are dealing with is a lie. The pandemic has taught me that if I have been given an opportunity to live then I want to do it to the fullest. So every day, I want you to do at least one thing to make your lie turn into a real truth. I believe in you and I know that you can do it! I will see you on the other side of you. By the way welcome to your new VICTORY!!

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