Does Size Really Matter?

Ok ladies we have all had the conversation about does the size really matter, so we created a poll! This is a real hot topic in the salon, at the dinner table with girlfriends, or a phone conversation with the bestie. We say size does matter because no woman wants to be involved with a man that’s in the itty bitty committee (lol). If there is nothing to feel how can it be pleasurable? We do know that there are men who are very well endowed that don’t know how to use it but they can be taught how to use it but on the other hand there isn’t much that can be done with tiny mite. One question that we have for the men who suffer from itty bitty syndrome, is why do you chase after different women as if you’re King Kong? You really should hide that little premature weenie! It is very possible to fall for Mr. Tiny Mite if the relationship starts out with no sex involved, but he surely has to be a real charmer in order to keep a woman under his arm. Take the poll!