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Dear Everyone, Please Stop Doing This At Hair Salons

This is the best salon and barbershop etiquette! I found this blog post on FashionBeans and I just had to share!

1. Arriving at the salon with zero idea what you want.

If you’re pretty sure that you want a completely new style, let your stylist know ahead of time.

If you have no idea what you want your hair to look like, well, neither do we.

They’ll be happy to run through some options with you, and if you can provide some guidance (“something short,” “a neon mohawk,” whatever), they’ll make sure that you leave satisfied. Just don’t show up without any idea of what you want.


“We want to help,” one stylist from Illinois, who wishes to be anonymous, tells FashionBeans, “but if you have no idea what you want your hair to look like, well, neither do we.”

Plan out your visit before you head in, and you’ll help to keep things moving along.

2. Moving your head during the haircut.

It’s hard to hit a moving target. When you fidget, your stylist has to stop moving—and that can quickly become aggravating.

What if you really, really need to reach something? Ask your stylist.

“Stop reaching for your phone [or] your drink,” the stylist says. “If you need it, we will hand it to you.”

Read complete article here: http://www.fashionbeans.com/content/dear-everyone-please-stop-doing-this-at-hair-salons

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