By Apostle Clay Clofield

There are so many things that we have in this life that are yet untapped. They are undiscovered and hidden. Not because it was ever Gods will for us to never find out. But rather, because we will not dig. Digging requires our physical strength as well as our focus. It requires us to change our perspective and our attitude. It means that we will have to exert ourselves in an area that looks like nothing is going to happen. Do you not know that the bible says that you have a well insider of you? You have a treasure hidden in earthen vessels. You are not going to find it by haphazardly seeking God and His will. The only way that you are going to find out what is Don’t Ignore God. Don’t Ignore God that is the acronym for DIG. Acknowledge Him in all of thy ways and He shall direct your paths. You are getting ready to step into a major breakthrough!! You need to get ready for what is about to happen!!! I am excited for you. Please share with me the testimonies that are coming behind this word.