Sometimes our not speaking is speaking more volumes than we could ever imagine. It is our nonverbal language that consumes even the most perfected relationships. This could actually work into different ways. On the first hand, you would imagine that it works for your good because there are some words that just do not need to be said. Secondly, it can work against us because there are times that we need to speak up but yet we hold our peace. I can only imagine that we are missing out on so many opportunities that could’ve been for us had we opened our mouths. There is an old expression that a closed mouth doesn’t get fed. This holds a profound truth to every person that has denied themselves the right, better yet the privilege, to speak. It is a denouncement of every slave that fought for their freedom and right to be able to open their mouths. So, I challenge you this morning to open your mouth and speak your truth. There will be some that will agree with you, and then there will be those that do not agree with you at all. But this is not about whether they do or don’t, it is about your voice being heard in a myriad of voices that are already speaking.

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