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Black Skin is Beautiful



What is wrong with our black people? Have we forgotten where we came from? Have black people forgotten that black doesn’t crack? My children told me that the kids at school say that dark skinned people are ugly and I couldn’t believe my ears! What are we teaching our young black people? The civil rights leaders marched, fought, got spit on, were beaten and killed because of the color of their skin and now in 2014 black people are embarrassed of their skin color and black men are embarrassed to have a dark skinned women on their arm. Why is it that black men can date black women all through high school and in college, but as soon as they make it to the pros, or get a successful career they have to marry white or light almost white woman? Then they give her money to start a business, when there is a lack of successful African-American businesses in our communities. The situation that just happened with the picture of Lupita Nyong’o on Vanity Fair cover is a prime example of how society says light skin is more beautiful. Did Lupita think that this picture made her look a different way in a good way or is it just acceptable in the eyes of black people? I know she had to notice how light they made her look, so why didn’t she speak up? Black men can say whatever they want to say trying to defend the fact that they aren’t embarrassed to be with a dark skinned woman, well some black men anyway, but their actions say something different. I could just strangle a black man who says that he doesn’t date black women when his mother is black, his grandmother is black, his great-grandmother is black, and his great-great-grandmother was probably a slave. Black women were raped and beaten because of the color of their skin and it is a disgrace for some black men to look at beautiful black women as though they are gum under their shoe. It’s ok though because what they don’t realize is that black women age gracefully and when we are 20 we look 15, and when we are 30 we look 20, and when we are 40 we look 30, and when are 50 we look 40 and sometimes 35! So please believe that white skin will crack way faster than that black! Black people are the worse race to each other, black people turn on each other, black people don’t support each other, and black people don’t love each other. When will it stop? I’m not against inter-racial couples, I’m just against black people who are racist against black people. Floyd Mayweather can preach about how black he is and how he loves black women but he was quick to grab a woman who is just as white as Chelsea Clinton! Everyone knows that she wouldn’t give him the time of day if he worked at Burger King. Then there is Ice-T who married snow white turned big booty vixen when he used to be this hard core black rapper who so called spoke up for black people. The list goes on and on and it’s too many to name. All I’m saying is love and own your blackness! One thing for sure black women are strong, smart, beautiful, and hard workers and we are ride or die for our men and we don’t mind rocking with him through his struggles until he gets on his feet. I now understand why true Africans don’t consider us African and they don’t want us called African-Americans because we aren’t African we are just brown people! If this offends you then this is for you! The truth always hurts….ImageImage

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