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Black Doesn’t Crack

Black Doesn’t Crack


Some of them say (black men) that they don’t hate us (black women) but the proof is evident. It is a shame that a lot of black men will date black women as long as they are broke and struggling and as soon as they “make it” they act like being with a black woman is shameful. What does this say about how they feel about their mothers being that some celebrity men have said that they would never date a black woman! WTH? Your mom is black, your grandmothers are black, your great-great grandmothers were black and it is totally disrespectful for a black man to say that he will never date a black woman. All black women are not the same, all white women are not the same, but when it’s all said and done a real woman is going to be a woman whether she’s black or white. At the rate we’re going the black race is going to cease to exist. Self hate, self hate, self hate that’s what it is, secretly these black men hate where they come from, they hate the color of their skin so they want to make light skinned straight hair babies who will eventually become confused about who they should date because if they date a white person they aren’t recognizing their black side and if they date a black person they aren’t recognizing their white side. They end up with these struggles throughout their lives. Black women come from a long line of strong black women who fought for their rights and died for their men. Black women are made strong and that’s why when times are tough she doesn’t stress, pop pills, or waddle in pity she doesn’t know how to give up on life because it’s not in here nature. Black women don’t seek out black men because of a fetish, a dare, or just to see what it’s like. We already know that it’s a myth when they say ALL BLACK MEN HAVE A BIG D*** so we aren’t experimenting when we date a black man. We aren’t trying to prove a point to our parents or trying to get back at raciest parents. We don’t date black men because we want to have a baby with beautiful skin because we secretly always yearned for that skin color. Black women are getting plastic surgery now even though there was nothing wrong with her in the first place…..self hate……Black women don’t have to get botox injections, butt injections (well some of us wasn’t blessed with a nice butt) because a lot of us come from a long line of nice butts (lol).

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A 21 year old black woman looks like a 15 year old, a 31 year old black woman looks like a 21 year old, a 51 year old black woman looks like a 31 year old. Not trying to step on any toes but it’s a known fact that black people age slower than…you get the point. I here that some of our black men have said that they want a woman who can come out of the swimming pool looking just like she did when she got in and that is one of the most idiotic things that I’ve ever heard! To all the black men who think a black woman is beneath them kick rocks and you’re a fool to think that she would want you if you worked at Wal-mart. Kevin Hart I’m sorry but it’s no way your fiance would have given you a second look when you worked in the shoe store and on top of that you’re black and short and most women want a man that is still taller than them when they put their heels on. A lot of celebrity black men claim that their woman is black but they make sure she’s light, bright and almost white! Floyd Mayweather claims that he loves his black women but when is the last time have you seen him with a black women his skin color? Below are some pictures of beautiful black women who seem to be ageless by the way feel free to share your thoughts at the bottom of the page!

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