Are We All Racist?

Some people may get mad at this post but those who know me know that I could care less……I totally agree with what Mark Cuban said, we are all racist and judgmental in some type of way and I’m so sick of black people going back to the Civil Rights movement every time someone white says anything about black people! I thank God for the black people who marched and were killed for me to be where I am today but let’s be real black people aren’t the same breed as they were back then because if they were we wouldn’t have so much black on black crime. I’m sorry but if I’m in my car and a group of young black boys are standing on the corner I’m checking to make sure all my doors are locked and my windows are rolled up. My back door was kicked in by my neighbors son who lived two doors down and he didn’t care that I was black or white. The people who are robbing, killing and doing home invasions don’t give a rats ass if the people that they are doing it to are black. Black people will turn their heads just to keep from speaking to their BLACK neighbor, they will turn their head just to keep from speaking to a black classmate, but soon as they hear that a white person has said something about race they want to start singing “We shall overcome” Blacks don’t support blacks and black people have always had the crabs in the bucket mentality and that’s why we can’t progress. I actually don’t give a damn what Donald Sterling said because for one black people talk about and down each other all the time, what he said doesn’t affect me one way or the other, he looks like walking death, he was in a relationship with a half black woman, and again it doesn’t affect me one way or the other. I’m judgmental when I see another black women who looks like she hasn’t combed her hair in months and her daughter looks the same way, I’m judgmental when I see another black women in the grocery store with pajamas on and a sleeping bonnet on her head, I’m judgmental when I see a black man with his pants sagging down to his knees, I’m judgmental when I see black people in a restaurant talking loud and cursing, I’m judgmental when I see a white person with a confederate flag flying, so I guess that makes me a racist huh? Sorry the Civil Rights movement is over and these young black people ain’t thinking about that shit! Black people are so for from what Martin Luther King Jr. marched, preached, and died for that it’s a shame. If I’m walking down the street and I see a group of black boys with hoodies on sorry but I’m stereotyping and I’m grabbing my purse and I’m going to the other side of the street and if someone that I don’t know walks up on me too close he or she may get shot because now a days you can’t say what people won’t do!