Alopecia Awareness Month

A’Miracle Law


Living with Alopecia

Head2Toe Magazine is on a mission to bring awareness about Alopecia and other hair loss issues. Alopecia can happen to anyone no matter age, race or gender. We had the chance to meet 14 year old A’Miracle Law who resides in Mobile, Al. We love how A’Miracle has overcome the issues that come with having Alopecia especially being that she is school aged and having to deal with mean spirited kids. We honor A’Miracle for her bravery and we are joining in with A’Miracle and her family to help bring awareness to Alopecia. Read what A’Miracle had to say about living with Alopecia.

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Hi, my name is A’Miracle Law and I’m 14 years old. I was diagnosed with Alopecia in the 5th grade, but I’m now in the 9th grade and attend Mary G. Montgomery High School. It was hard the first 2 years after being diagnosed I wore a wig, because I didn’t think I would look as pretty as all the other girls. Wearing wigs sucked they where hot, smelly, itchy, and wasn’t who I was. I used to pray that no one would notice it was a wig or make fun of me. My 7th grade I decided not to wear a wig anymore because I was sick of it. Yes people made fun of me and pointed, stared you name it. More people started talking to me, but I wasn’t happy with how I looked. I still felt empty and scared also ugly even though my family told me I was beautiful I didn’t believe them. In my head they had to say that because I was family. One of the main people that helped me was my grandmother she told me that I was beautiful and that I should be happy with how I looked. When I got to 8th grade I decided not to wear a scarf or cap. That day was one of the best day of my life even though I was scared I was happy. My friends where happy for me I even gained more friends. The best part was how happy my mom was to see that I was finally happy with my look. Now wherever  I go I own my look I fill like I’m on top of the world. Even now that I’m in high school I OWN my look and I don’t care if people stare, point or look. I’m BEAUTIFUL, CONFIDENT, and I OWN my look. My name is A’Miracle Law…. I have Alopecia but Alopecis doesn’t have me!


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