Actor/Rapper ‘Albe Back’ to Release Live Stream Concert of New Album “Apple Z” Tonight on YouTube!

(LOS ANGELES, CA) — Acclaimed rapper and actor, Albe Back, will be releasing an exclusive live stream concert of his newest upcoming album, ‘Apple Z’ on YouTube tonight at 6pm PST/ 9pm EST. Famously known on the big screen for his role as “Brooklyn” in ATL, Albe Back has also starred behind the scenes as a creative genius and writer for some of the music industry’s biggest stars including Ye (DondaDonda 2 and his unannounced newest album), The Game (DRILLMATIC Heart vs Mind), Macy Gray, Lumidee and more! Albe is ready to give the industry something it’s never seen before! 

When describing the music Back says, “Apple Z is a Gospel Rap contemporary piece of art”. He goes on to describe the meaning of the album’s title, ‘Apple Z’, Back says, “Apple is the only short cut re-do feature Steve Jobs made for the Apple Product he made. Hip Hop today is asking for a re-do…this is an album you can hear and enjoy with the whole family.”

TRACKS | 18 | 51:51

  1. Apple Z
  2. Perfect Palace
  3. Survivors Guilt
  4. God Got It
  5. Cloth
  6. Problems
  7. Home
  8. Heaven
  9. Evangelica
  10. God Put Me There
  11. Right And Who’s Wrong
  12. Audience
  13. In His Name
  14. The Shining
  15. Let’s Go
  16. Friends
  17. My Bad Love
  18. Moon

Check out the full album on SoundCloud – CLICK HERE . Follow the link to Albe Back’s YouTube page to get to concert live stream (CLICK HERE).

Still image previews of the live stream…

EARLY LIFEAlbert “Albe Back” Daniels was born in Bronx, NY to his father Albert Daniels and his mother Migdalia Vega. He affectionately gave the name “Pops” to famous poet, Abiodun Oyewole of The Last Poets who raised him.  Oyewole introduced Daniels to poetry and at an early age, he began to compete in competitions across the country. While in middle school, Daniels connected with director Chris Robinson and worked as a Production Assistant for music videos Robinson produced. By the age of 15, Daniels grew closer with his cousin, Terror Squad member Christopher Lee Rios, also known as “Big Pun”. Rios and Daniels became inseparable throughout the years and spent a lot of time exchanging lyrics, many or which were gospel rap lyrics while Daniels was an avid preacher in his community while still in school.  In his last conversation with Rios before his death, Daniels ended the conversation with, “I’ll be back…” Rios interrupted and said, “That’s it! That should be your name: ‘Albe Back’!” From this conversation, the name “Albe Back” was born. After the death of Rios, Daniels embarked on a spiritual journey to Jerusalem to intensely study the life of Jesus. He used the Bible as his roadmap and retraced the steps of Jesus throughout the Middle East. After this journey, Daniels reinvigorated his poetry and was given an impromptu audition with Def Poetry executive, Stan Lathan and actress Phylicia Rashad. After his audition, it was said that Rashad cried and Lathan’s words were, “You’re up tomorrow!” With his newfound success in Def Poetry, Daniels toured with Mos Def  and connected with many other artists because of the  insurmountable talent displayed in his acclaimed pieces like “Super Negro”. FILMWhile touring with Def Poetry, his mentor from childhood, Chris Robinson, heard him perform and immediately knew that he had the perfect role for him in an upcoming film he was working on: ATL.  The hit film ATL became Daniels’ premiere to the big screen in the role of “Brooklyn” alongside many of Hollywood’s biggest names including T.I.Lauren LondonEvan RossBig BoiJason WeaverMonica and more.  After Daniels’ breakthrough role in ATL,  he went on to act in other films including, Clippings (2010), After Hours: The Movie (2011), Looking in the Mirror (2019), and Eddie (2021),   MUSICHaving a vast background in poetry as well as hip hop, Daniels made connections with many of hip hop’s biggest names. In 2015 Daniels became the Creative Director for Beats by Dre and worked the “Straight Out Of…” campaign, wrote the copy of Beats Pill voice over, and worked the campaign tied to Taylor Swift. His success in the role garnered the team 3 Cannes Lions Awards (the most prestigious award in marketing/advertising). That same year Daniels performed in the BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher as a featured lyricist. As a solo artist, Daniels went on to create three albums: HiRaphael De La Ghetto, and The ALBum.  In 2002 he first met his now longtime friend, Ye (Kanye West) on the set of the video shoot for “Two Words” feat. Mos Def and made a brief visual cameo in the Netflix first-look trailer for JEEN-YUHS. Years later, Daniels presented a song to Ye, entitled “Good Night”, that West later added to his Graduation (2007)album. Daniels was a featured rapper on the track along with Mos Def and gained him both writer and producer credits. Since then, Daniels has continued to work with Ye as a writer on both Donda as well as Donda 2. Daniels also joined Ye during his Donda  tours in San Francisco, Atlanta, Miami and Chicago.  SOCIAL MEDIA Instagram: @albeback – 119k Followers