Head 2 Toe Magazine is an up coming online magazine and resource center for the hair and beauty industry. The beauty industry is everywhere,  it’s on television, it’s in magazines, and it’s in your  medicine cabinet. Head2Toe Magazine is a place for beauty professionals to network as well as showcase their work. We are the perfect meeting place for hot topics, beauty tips, and barber talk. Why not StepN2swagger with our edgy yet tasteful style and flavor. Head2Toe is the headquarters for positive gossip, which means we focus on the good, and not the bad. Our main goal is to recognize the industry beauty professionals because they are the ones behind every flawless celebrity whether its the hair, makeup, nails or a haircut. Our team H2T Design Group focus is to help industry professionals build a reputable portfolio while helping them to advertise their talents. We also help the small business owners by allowing them to advertise their business at a price that doesn’t break the bank. Our topics are always hot and informative and you will always want to come back for more.

Meet The Publisher


Keisa Stewart-Rucker Editor and Chief

Keisa Stewart-Rucker has been a hairstylist/Makeup artist for 16 years and her passion for making women look and feel beautiful is amazing. Early in life she knew that she would eventually become a cosmetologist, although she went off to college on a full track scholarship at Mississippi Valley State she still ended up cutting and styling hair in her dorm room. After deciding to leave school she went on to enroll at Bishop State Community College in the cosmetology program where she became the star student. After graduation she worked in several different salons before deciding to open her own salon in 2006. In 2010 she decided that she needed a better way to market her salon and  she decided to attend college online to pursue a Bachelors degree in Marketing. Keisa fought through long salon hours while studying to obtain her degree and she succeeded in 2013. Not long after opening her salon she became a product educator for NouriTress Hair Products based out of Atlanta, Georgia and she began working all of the big beauty trade shows such as Bronner Brothers International Trade show which is held in Atlanta, Georgia twice a year. After traveling back and forth from Mobile, Alabama to Atlanta she decided to close her salon down for good and moved to Atlanta in 2013 to work for NouriTress full time. At NouriTress she held down several job roles in the office as well as outside of the office. One of the main roles was the Social Media Manager for the company where she maintained the Facebook, Twitter and WordPress blog. After leaving NouriTress because of a pay dispute she decided to start a home hair care service where she travels to her clients homes to service them. “I love the one on one time with my clients, because it’s all about them and plus I understand how hard it is to find enough time in the day to get what you need done, especially when you’re a working woman. My clients can get serviced while cooking dinner or catching up on work and I love that.”  Keisa is also the publisher of Head2Toe Magazine, the founder of The Sew In Caddy and recently she has started consulting small business owners with social media marketing to help them with there presence on social media. “I feel like those days of me staying in the salon for hours are over, my duty now is to help other up and coming hairstylist become successful.


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