A Life Taken Over Weave

Destiny Harrison 

Baltimore native Destiny Harrison and salon owner of Madam D Beauty Bar in McElderry Park,  lost her life on December 21, 2019. Some evil, less than human soul walked in Destiny’s salon and shot and killed her with her baby inside of the salon. There were also other people inside of the salon when the shooting happened and not one person thought to grab the baby because the baby was left inside alone with her Mom’s dead body.

Destiny reported a robbery and an assault on her by her neighbors. They broke in the salon and Destiny walked in on them and caught them in the act of stealing hair. Once she confronted the couple the male held her down while the female assaulted her. They ran off with $3,000 worth of hair weave. She reported the crime to the police and in her statement she said that she feared for her life and business. She knew that one of the suspects was known for having a violent reputation. Two days after the suspects were served a restraining order Destiny ends up dead…

@BaltimoreSun reports, 21-year-old Destiny Harrison was fatally shot on December 21st while inside her beauty salon located in the McElderry Park neighborhood of Southeast Baltimore. Authorities say they responded to a call at the scene just after 6PM. Once they arrived, Baltimore police officers reportedly found Harrison suffering from gunshot wounds to the head inside the Madam D Beauty Bar. She was then rushed to a local hospital where she was pronounced dead at the scene.


A while ago I posted a blog about hair extensions getting out of hand and hearing about this horrible story reminds me just how desperate black women are becoming over weave.  You may be thinking, how does this story relate to black women being desperate for weave? Let me tell you how “I” relate this story to weave desperation in black communities.

I’ve mentioned before how black women are losing their hair at an epidemic rate and that is no secret to the world which means that it’s no secret to criminals. Hair salons and hair vendors are being burglarized at an all time high because criminals know that  black women are going bald, they’re ashamed of it and they’re looking for quality hair at the lowest price possible. The bigger problem is there are black women who are buying hair from boosters straight out of the trunk of their cars! Are the buyers thinking about the business owners that were stolen from? Are they thinking that maybe this hair came from a black woman who has worked her ass off to start her  business from scratch? The answer is HELL NO! All they care about is obtaining bundles for the low low. Not only are the clients buying stolen hair but there are so called professional hairstylist and salon owners who are also allowing boosters to come into their salons and sell stolen hair. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the hair is stolen. Right now somewhere in Baltimore there are some black women that are making plans to have the same hair that was stolen from Destiny’s business and ultimately caused her her life installed in their heads. Think about it….

Here is a excerpt that is from my blog post a couple of years ago:

Head2Toe Magazine takes a look into the impact hair weave has on black women and the community. We believe that black women have become so addicted to hair weave that it can almost be considered a drug. Hair weave has not only started a hair loss epidemic among black women, it has also become a crutch meaning women have become addicted to the convenience of wearing weave that they ignore the first signs that their hair needs a break from wearing weave.

This is from an article written in 2016:

Beauty is big business and hair is a big part of that business bringing in billions of dollars. Some people will go to great lengths to get a piece of that profit.
At least three recent murders in Memphis have been connected to hair extensions.
Jarmelle “JoJo” Jones was an entrepreneur. His business was hair extensions.
He was shot to death during a December 2014 home invasion and robbery. His murderer still hasn’t been caught.
Just last month, a couple was shot to death in a parked car. The woman was pregnant and the man ran an online hair weave business. Their shooter charged with first degree murder.
Then just this week a fatal shooting at a Whitehaven weave shop. The suspect is still on the run.
Why such violent deaths over hair? ( https://www.localmemphis.com/news/local-news/recent-hair-weave-thefts-turn-deadly/)

Another article on hair theft in 2011 in Atlanta:

ATLANTA (AP) – Police say thieves have smashed a vehicle through the front of an Atlanta beauty supply store and stole shelves of expensive hair weaves.
The break-in at Angie’s Beauty Supply and Salon in southwest Atlanta early Tuesday is the latest in a string of smash-and-grab burglaries in which thieves stole hair extensions.
Police say burglars drove a Jeep Grand Cherokee through the front doors of the store as well as through an iron security gate and did extensive structural damage to the business. Last week, police say thieves smashed their way into the Beauty Masters II store in the Camp Creek Marketplace shopping center and stole hair extensions valued at $50,000.(https://www.covnews.com/news/state/hair-weave-thefts-continue-in-atlanta/)

This is horrible and mind blowing that these crimes are happening over hair weave. What if weave couldn’t be manufactured and sold anymore? What would the millions of black women who wear hair weave 365 days of the year do? I guess the criminals will start jacking for wigs. What can we do about it? Is there really a solution to stopping these acts of violence? The only thing that I can think of is black women need to start wearing their real hair more often but that’s too far fetched to even wish for.






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