A Chubby Girl Struggle

MY name is Taylor 21 welcome to a chubby girl struggle but an answer to the problem.

Ms. Angie and Taylor

Being 379 pounds is something I will forever battle with because being obese was something I struggled with my whole life . Until one day  my  mom picked me up from school early to tell me  she was taking me to a weight loss doctor . Only to discover when I went to the doctor to how much I really weighed ,That is when I decided to embark on my journey of weight loss. So I made a vow to myself and god that I would change.

When I got into the car I had an attitude during the entire car ride home. While looking out of the window with

My hair blowing from the heat vents I reflected on how I was going to make this life change to, become healthy.  The following night  the television  show BOTCHED  aired showing how women  were sharing there plastic surgery stories and journey . Me and mom watched the show she looked at me  giggling saying ,” would you ever consider “  i said “Yes mom”  their you have it the  surgery  journey  began.


On February 28, 2014 I changed my , Mental State , eating habits  and physical activity . I  had my first cosmetic procedure liposuction  fourteen thousand  and some change , lets just say I came out of recovery bigger then I was . Nobody explained the honest repercussion  , effects , recoverytime  and how Liposuction  actually works .  Many Women are not  even candidates for liposuction . Plastic surgeon Doctors many times , do not explain to patients the  effects of the surgery . If you are not  even a candidate for liposuction then do not expect a dramatic difference after   .  to meet your goal look  you thought you could attain  with liposuction may cause for some other  surgeries .  So lets just say I had to get in the gym and try to get my goal look that way . Little did I know liposuction  takes 6 months to a year to see the full results , so overtime when you are  going to the gym you are losing twice as much weight.

Losing weight leaves you with  the effect of excess skin  . But if you had liposuction  and if  you were chunky before an now your still losing more weight   The skin is even more droopy and wrinkly .  I then began to look up ways to correct the issue the result they told me was adominialplasty , I  then had a couple more surgeries . Which lead me to being targeted by social media , friends , and family .  I then realize as time went on a lot of women  started to ask me questions about surgery and my opinion . Which lead to me to  opening up a company to help women educate them about being healthy and plastic surgery education  .   From my experiences ,training , and internships .  Some when do not have health insurance , so women can  not afford to drive to splendid areas every week for Body Spa Treatments ,. What about those women or people .

PoisebodyLlc Poisebodyspa are  answers to help those people and others because treatments  roughly cost around 350-500 for treatments . I’m in this business to help women and make money   helping women  is my biggest goal is to educate our women and girls about being healthy .my mom is my biggest influence Angela Michelle you are the reason I am the woman I am today . Your parenting skills , communication skills , listening skills . Are the reason you are bomb successful mom you stand by me no matter what . being 379 punds was almost broke me , I was targeted by  my size .  really bad and I  was  afraid to  fight back because I  did not want to get in  trouble .  Then I one day decided to take  a Stand but a positive one and become a motivational child advocate for obese kids . then I became a motivational speaker for kids to have a voice for all kids no discrimination .    I love being able to speak intelligently about being healthy and helping rebuild confidence among children and teens who struggle with weight. In life you are the author of your life and you can revise and edit as many times as you want to.  as a result of  every testimony  , In celebration of everything I have gone through I decided to

write an novel entitled “The Three Hundred Seventy Pound girl. The book will include themes and

lesson that every teenager  and adult can realte to  . Not to finish a children’s book  as well titled “Chubby Pineapple “with beautiful graphics  teaching kids valuable life principles .  It’s also very funny the least to add , my illustrator is a 10-year-old illusrtatior   the images will be very defined .

This was not only a life

– changing experience but a learning experience for me as well because I was able to find myself as a person

spiritually and emotionally.  had I not started this journey I would not have been able to find my true passion

and calling in life, is helping others who struggle with self-confidence, weight and being unhealthy Which is why I decided to start a company at the age of 16 called weight to go by tay I guess you can say I started my footwork young thanks to my mom who is a successfulentrepreneur . Which received great feedback ,support , and love from the community . Then as time went one I became. A freshman in college and saw how many college girls struggled with weight . i knew then  that i needed to shed  light on how important being healthy . As   why  to be healthy and its benefits .years laters we now have PoiseBodyllc which is not just a business but a company . This company has layers  to it  we offer body sculpting , meal prep , surgery consulting . One on one personal train services, and private gym services , body wraps , skin tightening .  We offer so many layers to our company because everybody’s body pathway may be different .  So we have you covered  no matter what . I wanted to become a woman’s one stop shop endless beauty for affordable price.

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